We are engaged in “Living History” right now and even though we are not physically at Cedars and many of our school sports and events have been cancelled, we will still be publishing a 2019-2020 yearbook!

Therefore, we would like to invite you to submit photographs of what you and your family have been doing since we started our “Learning at Home” and “physical distancing” experience.

What have you been up to? What have you been doing for fun? What have you been doing to keep you from getting “Cabin Fever”??

We have lots of pages to fill now, so we welcome your family photos.

PLEASE INCLUDE your family’s name, as well as a description of what’s happening in the photo, if needed.

You can send the photos to Steve Wilson at stevew@cedars.bc.ca

And by the way: yearbooks can still be purchased via the Cedars website for what will turn out to be the MOST UNIQUE YEARBOOK IN CEDARS HISTORY!

Last year we sold out! Don’t miss out on this year’s Cedars Yearbook – only 120 copies have been ordered. $40 each and you can purchase online at cedars.bc.ca/yearbook/