Our year-end celebrations have looked a little different this year, but we do want to acknowledge high school students who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, citizenship, and service in significant ways this year. Certificates and awards will be made available for pick up with report cards on June 29 and 30, 2020.

First of all, we would like to recognize the following students for their consistent Honour Roll status in all four high school terms. The first year that students accomplish this, they receive a Bronze medal. In subsequent years, they receive additional medals and/or plaques recognizing this achievement. Here are this year’s Academic Achievement Award recipients:

Bronze Medal (1-yr)

Trinity Bailey
Kate Bandstra
Hannah Cabilao
Carter Ceaser
Ryan Crosina
Dawson Friesen
Annie Godwin
Sarah Hillhouse
Ladicea Hrushka
Irene Koledoye
Amy Larson
Jacob Lee
Sophia Lukaris
Sam Nelson
Olu Okebie
Jonah Oliver
Kelly Park
Levi Petkau
Arianna Rosen
Cole Staves
Esther Vejvoda
Gabby Wagner
Makenna Wankel

Silver Medal (2-yr)

Bethany Bohmer
Brendan Carlaw
Madelyn Erbacher
Regan Faller
Katriel Hrankowski
Andrew Isaac
Daniel Iyaoromi
Faith Iyaoromi
John Jeong
Christabel Koledoye
Melody Missiuna
Robert Redden
Micaela Rogers
Jada Schultz
Gabe Taylor
Liam Tiefensee
Victoria Van Delft
Andries Van Zyl
Hannah Vejvoda
Madeline Whitehouse

Gold Medal (3-yr)

Malcom Crawford
Rebekah Barg
Mitchell Crosina
Jakob Doerksen
Tony Kibonge
Jakob Oliver
Paige Woolgar

4-yr Plaque

Noelle Aitken
Jayden Bergstrom
Aleena Berkhoven
Mckenzie Friesen
Eryn Isaac
Trinitee Orton
Maillee Taylor
Max Whitehouse
Cole Willmann
Ben Wolitski
Anna Worthington

5-yr Plaque

Lucas Crosina
Karl Kibonge
Joshua Leboe

We would also like to recognize junior male and female students nominated by staff and peers for character demonstrated throughout this school year.


Junior –  Jenevieve Wilson and Jakob Oliver
Senior – Trinitee Orton and Karl Kibonge


Junior – Amy Larson and Liam Tiefensee
Senior – Maillee Taylor and Lucas Crosina


Junior – Jenevieve Wilson and Andrew Isaac
Senior – Jayden Bergstrom and Max Whitehouse