Educating and equipping discerning disciples of Jesus Christ for restorative work in His kingdom

Welcome Email Archive

All the information in the Welcome Email Series is housed on this page so it can be referenced at any time.

1) Welcome to Cedars!

Welcome to Cedars Christian School! We are thrilled to have you join the Cedars community, and we look forward to partnering with you to live out our mission of Educating and equipping discerning disciples of Jesus Christ for restorative work in His Kingdom. Over the...

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2) New Family Orientation and School Communications

Today we will talk about getting you oriented to life at Cedars and how we can communicate with each other. New Family Orientation The final step in your acceptance process is your attendance at a one-hour, new-family orientation session where we will explain more...

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3) How to Volunteer at Cedars

One of the things we went over in the interview process was the importance of parent participation at the school. But, you may be wondering, how do we know what to do, when to do it, or where to find this information? Read on to find out everything you ever needed to...

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4) Daily Life at Cedars

As you can well guess, daily life at Cedars is a busy one with 13 grades of students on the premises! It starts out with drop-off time and ends up with pick-up time. In between are bells and class changes and PE and recess and... well, let’s just get started, shall...

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5) Yearly Events at Cedars

One of the great things about the Cedars community is the chance to gather for special events which are sprinkled all throughout the year. Details on all these events are shared via The Cedars Shake and, for the larger events, on our /events website page. Dates and/or...

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