Over the years, Curt and I have affectionately referred to the principal’s office as the “fishbowl”. The high ratio of window to wall space can be distracting at times, but it has afforded me new perspectives on the work that we do with students, staff, and parents in this place. What has been abundantly clear over the past month is that Cedars is a place that people want to be!

First of all, students and families want to do school here. At this point, 97% of our families have indicated that they want to have their children continue to be educated and equipped at Cedars in 2018/19. This is significant statement of trust. In addition to those who have re-enrolled, we are in the process of enrolling up to 20 new students for next year. Although it would be easy for us to champion these numbers and point to what we have done, we are quick to remember that this is God’s school, and that our part is to faithfully plant and water seeds; it is God’s part to make them grow (1 Corinthians 3:5-9). For our part, we are grateful to God for His continued faithfulness to this community.

Second, educators want to work here. Over the past month or so, we have interviewed close to 10 people for our on-call sub list, and have lined up 7 interviews with certified teachers who have expressed interest in open positions for 2018/19. In a climate of teacher shortages – where there is a wealth of job opportunity – it is significant that teachers want to find meaningful work here at Cedars. We continue to be thankful for the strong, committed group of teachers and support staff that work here. This is our greatest strength, and we are so pleased to know that most of these folks intend to continue in 2018/19.

Be encouraged. Spread the word of God’s provision and faithfulness. And, continue to pray that God will glorified in this place, and that we will be salt and light within the community of Prince George and beyond.

Shane Nelson
Interim Principal