“Celebrations…are so much more than a valid diversion from work or an excuse to eat too much; they invite us to enter into God’s joy by remembering His faithfulness and goodness.” – Darcy Greco

The month of May was full. In the third week of May, over 250 grandparents and friends joined us for our annual Grand Community Day, and similar numbers of staff, family, students, alumni, and friends gathered for our 21st Valedictorian Ceremony. Dozens of parent, staff, and student volunteers worked alongside one another to plan, prepare, and pull-off these amazing events.

But we are in good company. Celebration has been the serious work of the people of God from ancient times. The nation of Israel was commanded to mark the passage of time with several celebratory feasts – each with their unique focus on God’s covenant relationship with them. The church was commanded to practice a weekly “love feast” to remember and celebrate the new covenant in Christ’s blood. It is clear that intentional celebration is an important aspect of our flourishing as God’s people.

However, it is easy, in our busyness and world of distraction, to get “swallowed up by both the incidental and enormous challenges of life”. Christian celebration provides the opportunity to “anchor us in a deeper story”, and remind us of God’s faithfulness and goodness in all things.

As I listened to elementary students quote scripture, sound their instruments together, and engage older generations in worship at our Grand Community Day – I was reminded of God’s faithfulness over three generations in our Cedars’ community. As our thirteen graduates took turns sharing their their diverse experiences at Cedars at our Grad Gala event last week – I was reminded of the goodness of God in the gift of these students and the opportunity we have had to bless and be blessed by them. And, as I played my own part at the front of many of these events – I was reminded again of the many and varied gifts God has so generously given this community – gifts of service, encouragement, leadership, organization, teaching, and prayer. God has been so good to us.

If you have never peeked in on a Grand Community Day, attended a Graduation Ceremony or Grad Gala – put them on your calendar for next year. Come be reminded of God’s faithfulness and goodness in these annual celebrations.

May was full. June doesn’t let up a whole lot. The good news is that there are more opportunities for us to celebrate together!

Come celebrate with us!

Intermediate and High School Music Concert – June 12th @7pm
Athletics Awards Night – June 13th @6:30pm
PreSchool Graduation – June 15th @10:30am (Evangelical Free Church)
Kindergarten Graduation – June 21st @10:30am
High School Year-end / Awards Assembly – June 21st @1:30pm
Elementary Year-end Assembly – June 22nd @10:15am
Year-end Community BBQ and Staff Recognition – June 22nd @5pm
Rosie’s Retirement Celebration – June 27th @7pm

(FYI – The “Fishbowl” is our school administration’s affectionate title for the office of the Principal…) 

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