Our sleep in didn’t quite go as planned.  The rooster stayed quiet but the Villa residents were up bright and early, waking us up before our alarms.  Sol lead us in our morning devotions helping us understand what it means to have and attitude of thanksgiving.  It wasn’t hard to relate this to real life as we see thankful hearts all around us, probably a lesson in there somewhere for us in Canada.

After a quick breakfast we grabbed our work gloves and headed over to the path that our team built last year to finish the last 20 feet connecting the gazebo to the rest of the trail.  The trail is still in good condition.  We gained a new appreciation of the work from last year’s team as we rolled our rocks into place.

We got cleaned up and then headed to Jericho school.  It was great to see the students in their uniforms and engaged in studying.  They took a break to shower us with notes of thanksgiving and to express their gratitude for the gifts and the other ways that the Cedars community has supported their growth.   We continued our tour of the school meeting the teachers and hearing more testimonies of the God’s restorative work in both staff and students.  After we paused for lunch we were treated with one of Alyse’s double chocolate cheesecakes!  She baked it for one of the staff at Jericho so we could celebrate her birthday.

Staff and students then piled into the busitos as we headed over to Chiminike.  Chiminike is a science centre dedicated the education of children.  Most of the students had not been there before.  It was a very educational experience as we learned that our team could be little snots as they were expelled from the giant size nose in the human body exhibit.

We then headed back to the Villa for supper and to hear Sarah and Shannon share their stories.  Both were awesome!  It was neat to see them take the risk and share what God has been teaching them.  We’ve got some incredible students!  We climbed into bed early because we have to be on the bus for 6am as we head out to the Baptist camp for the high school retreat.  Good night.