The loop was open again today! Yay! But there will be other times when we have to close it while going through the preparation and building process. Please ensure to adhere to the following rules to keep everyone safe.

  1. Traffic must still flow in one direction only, counter-clockwise through the loop, as shown by the green arrowed line below.
  2. Observe all “No Parking” signs. There is an extra area marked for no parking during these times along the back fence near the entrance/exit- see the orange area in the image below. This is to create two lanes where it is normally only one.
  3. You may stop and drop students off in front of the elementary fence, marked in bright green below. If the elementary gate is closed, students may use the footpath (as indicated) next to the fence by the staff parking lot.
  4. Do not pull over to the gravel in front of the playground to drop students off (red x’s below).
  5. Do not pass a car who is stopped to drop students off. Please be patient and wait behind paused cars.

Building Traffic Flow

Thanks for your help in keeping all of the students safe!