What makes Cedars unique? This question drives the work of our staff during our Wednesday early dismissal research and development time. Every Wednesday afternoon for an hour and a half or more, we work to enhance our integration of Biblical perspectives into our entire curriculum. We do this because what makes Cedars unique is that we teach all our subjects in such a way that our students will learn who God is and learn about themselves. We want them to know who they are and how they have been blessed with gifts/talents/abilities that they can use to restore His broken world.

In order to improve our integration of biblical perspective into unit plans and lessons, we have adopted a model of teaching called “Teaching for Transformation”. Developed by teachers in Alberta Christian schools it is a structure and methodology for teaching that uses “Throughlines” – themes that are both ways of thinking and ways of being. The ten throughlines are: God-Worshipper, Creation-Enjoyer, Earth-Keeper, Order-Discover, Community-Builder, Image-Reflector, Idolatry-Discerner, Servant-Worker, Justice-Seeker, Beauty-Creator. The following articles will explain what these mean and how they are being taught, discovered and experienced.

Originally published in The Cedars Shake 2014-2015