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Teaching for Transformation

What makes Cedars unique? This question drives the work of our staff during our Wednesday early dismissal research and development time. Every Wednesday afternoon for an hour and a half or more, we work to enhance our integration of Biblical perspectives into our entire curriculum. We do this because what makes Cedars unique is that we teach all our subjects in such a way that our students will learn who God is and learn about themselves. We want them to know who they are and how they have been blessed with gifts/talents/abilities that they can use to restore His broken world.

In order to improve our integration of biblical perspective into unit plans and lessons, we have adopted a model of teaching called “Teaching for Transformation”. Developed by teachers in Alberta Christian schools it is a structure and methodology for teaching that uses “Throughlines” – themes that are both ways of thinking and ways of being. The ten throughlines are: God-Worshipper, Creation-Enjoyer, Earth-Keeper, Order-Discover, Community-Builder, Image-Reflector, Idolatry-Discerner, Servant-Worker, Justice-Seeker, Beauty-Creator. The following articles will explain what these mean and how they are being taught, discovered and experienced.

Originally published in The Cedars Shake 2014-2015

God Worshipper

As mentioned in the introduction, teachers are using the Wednesday early-dismissal times to continue to improve the integration of Biblical perspective into all we teach. In order to do this we are building on a model designed by the Prairie Association of Christian...

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Creation Enjoyer

Have you ever seen a sunset, or mountain range or a baby’s tiny hand that made you sing? Then you are a Creation Enjoyer! In a continuation of our articles on Through-lines, we look at the second one which is entitled: Creation-Enjoyer. We are Creation-Enjoyers when...

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Earth Keeper

The third through-line is Earth-Keeper. We are Earth-Keepers when we steward the natural resources that God has created and entrusted to us for our management and enjoyment. Our aim in focusing on this through-line is to help students understand their role and respond...

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Order Discoverers

As developing disciples of Christ, we want our students to become Order-Discovers; ones who find harmony and order in God’s Creation. In the subjects we teach, students should continually be in the practice of noticing God’s handiwork, His 'Fingerprints' on all he has...

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Community Builders

Arguably, community is the core value of Cedars Christian School. When you look at the pronouns of our vision statement, the words parents, children, students, and staff are used repeatedly to articulate our work together as a school community. Our mission statement...

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Idolatry Discerners

We were created to worship God. Simply stated, if we don’t worship God, we worship something else. If we have not placed Him first, we will have other things to take that place. Romans 1:25 describes how the Romans had “exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and...

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Image Reflector

While we don’t always act righteously, and while we don’t always do things successfully, what we are is image bearers of God. ~ Larry Day Students bear the image of God in their daily lives. All humans are image reflectors. Being an image bearer isn’t something we do....

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Servant Workers

Actively Healing Brokenness and Bringing Joy to Others We live in an increasingly sedentary society. Time watching television and time on the computer are more than ever competing for our ‘awake’ hours, and drawing us away from activities that are more productive....

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Justice Seekers

In his book, Simply Christian, N.T. Wright (2006) speaks of the times in life when things just “make sense”. The kind of making sense that happens when we “glimpse a whole new world…stand[ing] in awe in front of a great painting, or…swept off our feet by a song or a...

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Beauty Creators

God saw all that He had made, and it was very good. – Genesis 1:31 In his book, Leaving Egypt, Chuck DeGroat (2011) speaks of a need to awaken “an insight into [our] original design, [our] original goodness, which has now become distorted”. In our brokenness and...

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