While there can be many reasons listed as to why different people came on the trip came, there is but one reason, when all is said and done.  The main purpose of coming on the Honduras trip was and is to obey the good and perfect will of God.

The testimonies that have been shared by the children of Jericho have been more than heart touching.  They have touched our souls in ways that are hard to describe.  The healing these children have experienced through God’s unconditional love, because of what Christ did for us – demonstrated through the staff and “family” of Jericho – will last for eternity.  Through the healing has come forgiveness and then a desire to serve and dedicate their lives to Jesus.  Tonight, a boy shared about real, strong, spiritual attacks he experienced when he was younger, which were tormenting him relentlessly, causing visions of things he didn’t want to see, keeping him awake at night, and almost talking him into taking his life.  His testimony prompted one of our Cedars team to share a similar story, and the tears flowed.  By God’s grace, the songs that followed were filled accompanied by Holy Spirit’s presence – mending hearts as tears flowed, hugs were given, and love was felt throughout the room.

In addition to the great testimonies there have been strong devotionals, where each person leading has had thought-provoking topics which lead to dialogue, reflection and growth for many.  The timeliness of the subjects have been serendipitous – often linking to previous and future words and testimonies shared at our evening debrief times with the Jericho staff and students.

To say there have been many hugs of support and love this past week would be an understatement.  Interestingly, they have not only been to and from the Jericho kids, but from one Cedars girl to another and then those giving the hugs end up being recipients when they are in need.  Hard to describe in full, but awesome to watch this love and care unfold.

Further evidence of your (parents and loved ones) success in ‘training up these Cedars children in the way they should go’, could be seen in their efforts to ‘serve as unto the Lord’.  Whether is the stairs and pathway you notice in the posted photos, doing dishes, helping with meals, attending to children, doing crafts, or performing the play today at the church (which was done perfectly) – there is little doubt everyone on our team has been moving toward maturity in Christ.

Having fun has been important too.  From the teasing and joking amongst the boys, to the girls talking late into the night – keeping themselves and their neighbours awake to late hours!  That said, the giggles and bonding are priceless.  Even the soccer and board games played together are sure to form lasting memories.  One event worth mentioning was when a couple of the painting crew had a spontaneous paint fight which resulted in more paint on arms, legs, and faces than the walls!  Neat to see our girls take initiative and invite some young lads to help out on the white washing – proving to be very rewarding for all involved.