The rooster crowed, pulling us from our dreams, bright and early at 5am. Our day started with devotions in which Sarah challenged us to stay open to God and not harden our hearts. After eating breakfast we split into groups. The girls stayed and worked on various projects around the Villa, while Sol, Mrs. Young and myself took half of the Villa residents shopping. Taking 12 students 8 of the between the ages of 6-12 shopping had all the makings of crazy! Alvia kept everyone in line and we were able to purchase shoes, bathing suits, jeans and other items for the first group.

We returned to the Villa for lunch and then took group 2 to the mall in Danli. Another round of shoes, outfits and bathing suits and all the students received at least 1 new item. For some it was the first time they had received something new. After lots of “thank-you Meester Dave and Miss Jaime” we climbed back in the van to head to the central park in Danli. At the park we split into 3 groups and shared Jesus with those who would listen…which just happened to be everyone to whom we spoke. Almost everyone that we shared with prayed to receive Christ. It was awesome to see some of our students jump in and share about what God meant to them. Their stories and the stories of the Villa kids touched many hearts.

We then climbed back into the vans to head to Pizza Hut for supper. We set up a banquet table for 45, broke pizza and drank various sugary beverages together. 10 pizzas took about 10 minutes to eat but the stories, laughter and joy carried on for much longer. It was one of those moments when the stories of Jesus about God’s great banquet table become incredibly tangible. Pizza Hut became a space where the Kingdom could be touched, tasted, seen and heard. It was time to drive back to the Villa and we closed off our evening with more stories of how we saw God at work, prayer, cookies and pictures of the new shoes! Check out the pictures below. Tomorrow we leave bright and early on a field trip to Aqua Splash! Water will feel good in the dry heat Tegucigalpa. We are having a great time, although Mrs. Young appears a little homesick for Canada (see featured image)!


Through the eyes of our students: Alyse Willmann

Feels FANTASTIC to be back in Honduras with my Honduran family.  The FIRST full day was OUTSTANDING, but the main thing that really stuck with me that day was going into the park and sharing the gospel with people that God put on our hearts. For example I was able to be in a group with Betsy and many others. While we were talking about God to each person, I continually looked over to the fountain were there were two guys sitting. I had a feeling that we needed to go speak about Gods love to them. After speaking to five people who all excepted Christ, we headed over to the Catholic church to just look before heading for dinner. After we came out of the church, I had asked Betsy if we could go talk to the two guys that God was putting on my heart before we left for dinner. Betsy said “si”, so Betsy began the conversation and after she talked, I spoke and just told them that God loves you so much and it is the best gift possible to have a relationship with Christ. Betsy explained to them that the Holy Spirit had put it on my heart to come and talk to them. Edward one of the guys had said “ si, she was right I needed to hear about Gods love.” He accepted Christ right there and asked how to grow in his faith, we found out Edward was able to speak English so I told him then I prayed for him. Mario his friend was not so sure but I know Edward will be an amazing example of Christ to him and many others! That was the most meaningful moment of my day!!! Along with being able to ride in the back of the truck on the way home!!!!! It was a blast. You could tell we have already built a strong structure in our friendships. I am so blessed that God allowed me to come again this year; being able to see what God’s image and plan is for my life. I continue to pray and ask what God wants me to do and go; along with growing deeper in my faith, to see where God wants to take me. So far it has been a fabulous time and experience here in the beautiful…… but HOT!