Most Thursday mornings, I find myself in my cabin, isolated from the world, waiting feverishly for the bell to go and the kids to storm in. However, last week was our Zone basketball weekend and our Junior ‘A’ boys team was heading to Dawson Creek. Mr. Wilson approached me and requested that the team stay for chapel before hitting the snowy roads. It wasn’t at the top of my list, as Starbucks was calling my name, but I said yes which led to one of the best mornings I can remember.

I grew up in the public school system and was not a Christian until I met my beloved wife. School mornings for me consisted of sitting in the foyer of Houston Secondary School, chatting with friends, and waiting for just another day to begin. There might be an odd assembly, but rarely was there ever an opportunity to gather with my fellow high schoolers and teachers. I’m not sure I would have even wanted to because I didn’t know anything different.

This brings me back to last Thursday, and what I experienced in our high school foyer. Peace… love… care… commitment. To begin my day listening to kids praise our Lord and be with each other as one body, was to begin the day fresh and new. I can be a bit emotional sometimes and I was nearly brought to tears standing there singing as I thought about the gift that our high school students have in being able to freely worship and stand shoulder to shoulder in faith. I realize that not all of our students enjoy singing and some of them may struggle with their faith…but at least they are being given the chance to know our Lord and be amongst fellow believers. Having caring teachers standing there with them, ready to help in class or in life must be a massive comfort.

This is one of the many, weekly, hidden gems in our school that I am overjoyed that I had the chance to witness. I often find myself pining for the things that I don’t have and can see elsewhere, yet I never truly value what I have right in front of me.

Mr. Jeff Ludditt
Grade 5/6 Teacher