Today we woke up to rain!  Unbelievable!  The weather may have been cold and wet but it didn’t dampen the spirits of our group!  Plus it was good for the seeds we planted yesterday.  Cassidy started our morning off with a reminder that ultimately it is God’s right to judge humanity not ours.  A timely message as we seek to navigate the challenges of interacting with a different culture.  After devotions, our team and the villa residents climbed into the busitos to head for “Agua Splash,” the local water park in Tegucigalpa.  As per usual practice our time at the waterpark ended with a spontaneous time of worship and sharing.

We closed out the waterpark and headed back to the villa, most of us enjoying a nap in the busito.  We ate a later supper, had a brief time of worship and testimonies and then got down to work planning our part in elementary retreat the next day.  We crawled into bed a little later than usual.  Hope the rooster is gracious to us in the morning!

Today proved to be another great time with our friends, deepening relationships before we minister to the Jericho students through retreats for both elementary and high school students, tutoring the students in various subjects at the campus in Tegucigalpa, heading out on a field trip to a museum as well as continuing to work around the grounds at the villa.  Lots left to do in what feels like so little time!

Through the eyes of our students: Cassidy Enns

After waking up and being absolutely freezing cold we all got ready and headed up for breakfast. Bundled in my sweater and socks with flip flops I tried to explain the importance of not judging others and letting God be the judge. Soon after, we all piled into the vans and the back of the truck, and headed to the waterpark. The ride there was freezing and I didn’t have my sweater so I wrapped myself in my towel. The ride was uber long and it would have been totally worth it, if it had been even slightly warm outside. When we got there we changed and hopped directly into the water. My teeth were chattering and my lips were blue, but we splashed around and zipped down the water slides anyway. The worship at the end of the day was really great; it was a special treat when we got to hear Sarah and Mariah sing.

Being here has really changed my perspective of multiple things. I never knew how beautiful it is down here, but mixed into that beauty is severe poverty. Driving through town I keep seeing things that I thought I would only see on T.V or in movies; the razor wire strung across the top of brick wall fences, the amount of people on the streets begging for money, coming up to your windows of your car trying to sell you things, and the amount of abused, abandoned or dead animals. Though my perspective on Honduras has changed, my relationship with God has grown and now I think I’m beginning to really feel God as opposed to just wanting to feel him. The trip has been going by so fast and I am going to be very sad when the end is here but for now all I can do is enjoy it and do my best to do God’s will for me down here. Adios!