This is a quick post to let everybody know that we arrived safely to Tegucigalpa.  We were greeted by Betsy and students from the Villa with hugs and flowers, well Sol didn’t get a flower.  We went to Betsy’s house for a quick visit and to drop off our bags before we headed out to Pollo Tropical for lunch.  After lunch and a few errands we arrived at the Villa and were treated to more of the same fellowship by those that were there.  Betsy took us through our orientation and soon we were enjoying an amazing meal of beans, rice, crème fresh, scrambled eggs and tortillas.  Our evening finished with a time of worship lead by Noah, a skit by some of the girls from the villa as well as group introductions.  Did you know that Mrs. Young tenga treinta siete anos? (put that in google translate if you’re having trouble).  We have to get to bed early because after a 5am wakeup call and devotions some of our team are doing work projects around the villa while others are taking the villa kids on a shopping trip to Danli.  Should be exciting!  Pictures will follow.

Your Call: One of the boys at the Villa had a mishap with his hair.  In a show of solidarity some of the other boys shaved their heads to match.  Should Sol join them?  Post your opinion below.  The results will be posted in pictures!

Through the eyes of our students: Shannon Kragt

After two long days of travel, we have arrived in Honduras; a scorching 29 degrees! We were all excited, especially Alyse who was ‘Forrest Gumping’ it down the tarmac. After being greeted by some of the Hondurans, we all piled into a van and toured around Tegucigalpa, making pit stops at Betsy’s house, Mrs. Young’s old neighborhood, and Pollo Tropical for chicken. Getting to witness the city, poverty, beautiful country sides and the new culture was fascinating. As we drove out to the villa (me only being in Honduras for approximately 5 hours), I mentioned to Cassidy that “even if we were to get back onto the plane and fly home right now, I would still be able to go home and tell people that this was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.” Little did I know that this drive would be the start to a thrilling and stretching experience. Seeing the villa in real life has been surreal. I went from looking at pictures and only dreaming of having the opportunity of being at a place like this, to living in and being a part of the captivating work that takes place here. This place is a lot different than Canada. I am not only learning about a different pace of life, but also a different life of faith. The time that we have spent with the other kids here so far has been incredible. We first broke the ice when we sat down beside some of the villa girls and told each other our names. This followed with other questions being asked, and as we  attempted to communicate through a language barrier, we were able to share many laughs together. Our relationships with the kids have only thrived from there. Everyone is so affectionate and I am seeing the kingdom of God at work.

To conclude, this once very uncomfortable and “I would rather just be at home” journey has been an exciting and challenging adventure. I have experienced things I could never imagine and I am dared to think about my faith in a new light. I am overjoyed with what’s yet to take place and all of the stories I will be able to bring home. But if I had it my way, I would just prefer to stay here for the rest of my life.

Love you Mom, Dad, and Nicole and wishing you all the best back in Prince, Shannon