The Adventure Begins…

Our journey had a hopeful start.  I was wrapped snuggly in my blanket, stuffed between my travelling companions.  The air was a bit chilly, but I was warm and dry.  As we began to drive I could hear the cold wind, with its icy fingers, trying to peel back the warm layers of my vehicle; the flapping sound of the wind against the vehicle, an ominous sign that I would feel the fleeting winter’s bitter bite.

About two hours into our trip I heard the sharp ping of metal giving way and felt the wind’s icy teeth penetrate my cozy outer layers.  The warmth and security dissipated into frozen discomfort as the gritty cold from dirty, melting snow soaked the very fabric of my being.  Cold, wet and filthy I endured the rest of the 12 hour trip to Calgary.  Once we arrived, I was treated to the steamy confines of a tub where I found hope soaking back into my being.  Feeling dry and refreshed I joined my friends for a comfortable night’s sleep.

-Cassidy’s pillow perspective of our journey

Although the above story might make it seem otherwise, our journey to Calgary was largely uneventful, thanks in large part to our drivers Mr. Sherman and Mrs. Young. We did have a little mishap when a grommet on the tarp covering the luggage trailer gave way allowing some of the bags (Cassidy’s mostly) to get a little dirty and wet.  We fixed that problem in Hinton and made it to Calgary around 10:30pm.  We settled in to Mrs. Young’s sister’s (Mandy) place and after a pizza delivery and a slurpee run (the perfect late night snack) crashed for the night.

We woke up Saturday morning to hot pancakes and coffee.  Packed up our stuff and took off for the airport.  We breezed through customs, got a quick bite to eat at the Burger King Whopper Bar (a beef-eaters paradise) and boarded our plane.

Mrs. Young was the first one to get into trouble on our trip as she decided to surf the aisle of the plane during a stretch of turbulence on the way to Houston.  I guess turbulence trumps bathroom breaks:P

After landing in Houston around 6pm, we quickly got our bags and headed for the hotel.  We didn’t get to enjoy the pool but did, however, enjoy the balmy Houston heat and humidity despite the fact it was raining.  Arriving at the hotel, we realized that we forgot one of our bags at the airport.  I won’t mention any names but the bags owner was an adult who wasn’t Mr. Lewis.

Once we recovered the luggage we grabbed supper around 9.  I was hoping for TexMex but settled for Subway because the soda bar featured both Cherry Coke and Dr. Pepper!  I’m sure I’ll get my fill of tortillas and refried beans in Honduras anyways.

Back at the hotel we went back to our rooms for the night.  Tegucigalpa tomorrow!

Leaving Calgary...brought our own entertainment!

Leaving Calgary…brought our own entertainment!