Dear Cedars Community,

We would like to thank our staff and administration for their hard work through this fall. The Fall has brought some unique challenges with the ongoing pandemic, and the burning of the bus with damage to school property – but through it all we have seen time and again the faithfulness of God and have heard many encouraging reports of how God has shown Himself in these situations.

One of the decisions before the Board has been that of vaccine mandates for staff. The Board has agreed not to require Covid-19 vaccine mandates at this time for our staff. The Board recommends vaccination as an important layer of protection – as well as diligent use of all our protective measures including masking, hand hygiene, ventilation when able and staying home when you are unwell in order to provide a safe classroom environment.

Thank you to those who have reached out to the Board this Fall with offers of support, prayer and for expressing concerns and thoughts on the different issues before us. The voice of our community is important!

Finally, a reminder that we have a virtual society meeting on Tuesday, November 30th at 7pm. Please consider joining in and hearing what God is doing in our midst – including updates on our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.


The Cedars Board of Directors