Cedars society members and non-members are invited to attend our virtual (Zoom) Spring meeting this evening at 7pm. We will share reflections on this school year, approving the 2021/22 budget, providing updates on the building and capital campaigns, and discussing our strategic plans.

As some of you know, we are at the end of our current 3-yr Strategic Plan. The Board and leadership team have spent time reviewing progress on our strategic priorities, and staff have spent time reflecting on educational program goals. On June 23/24, our strategic planning team (Board, leadership team, and selected teaching staff and parents) will be gathering with representatives from the Society of Christian Schools in BC to “refresh” our strategic plan and refine goals for the next 3 year cycle.

To inform strategic plan conversations, the Board would like to hear what you feel we have done well, what we need to continue working on, and what needs to be added to our strategic priorities in the next three years. You are encouraged to review our current 3-yr Strategic Plan and complete the following feedback survey ahead of our planning sessions on June 23/24.

And finally, whether you fill out the survey or not, please pray for our planning team! May the Lord continue to lead and guide His school!