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Spare Block Policy and Procedures

Grade 8-10 students are required to take a full course load (8 courses in Blocks A-D). Senior (Grade 11/12) students are eligible for one Spare Block per year.  Grades 8-12 students, in situations of academic need, may also be enrolled in a supervised Support Block. Typically, only one Support Block is granted per academic year. Spare and Support Blocks are approved on a case-by-case basis by the Vice Principal.

Applications for additional Spare Blocks will be considered for senior students who have a significant academic load, are on track to meet graduation and post-secondary requirements, and have demonstrated good classroom behaviour. Enrolment in X (am) or Y (pm) Block courses will also be a consideration.

Students on a spare are expected to:

  • Work quietly in pre-identified area(s)
  • Refrain from “roaming”, disturbing and/or distracting students in regular session
  • Attend school functions and community-building events that occur in this block
  • Sign-in/Sign-out at the office as per parents’ Off-Grounds Permission declaration
  • Report directly to office staff in the event of evacuation (fire, earthquake)