Educating and equipping discerning disciples of Jesus Christ for restorative work in His kingdom


Non-Profit Society

Cedars Christian School is  a non-profit society. Members of the society meet twice yearly, once in the fall (the Annual General Meeting) and once in the spring.

We need all families who are willing to abide by the society’s declaration to become members. Being a member of Cedars Christian School (the Society) is similar to being a member of any community. It gives you the power to help in decision-making, to elect board members, and to have the opportunity to be on committees or the Governance Board.

Society Organization

Society Membership

In order to become a member, you must fill out an a membership application and sign a declaration of faith. The declaration includes:

  • you are a born-again Christian, having accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour
  • you attend church
  • you will read, agree with, and abide by the Constitution and By-Laws
  • you are over 18 years of age and will pay a $10/year membership fee

Application forms are available at the Cedars Christian School Main Office.

How it Works


Parents/Guardians who are confessing Christians and who attend church are invited to become members of the Association.

School Board

Society members elect a six- to nine-member board which then uses a Policy Governance model to direct the operations of the school.


The society meets twice a year and at these meetings will approve a budget, elect board members and give input to the Board of Directors.

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