Cedars Christian School offers parents of Grades 2-7 the opportunity to purchase quality standardized school supplies through School Start. Lists and instructions are linked below.

If you prefer to shop in-store or if you have children in Grades 8-12, you can download this PDF list to work with: Master School Supply List 21-22

Note that Kindergarten and Grade 1 students are supplied with most general school supplies by teachers. Grade 2 – 12 students must purchase their own supplies (including in the Grade 1/2 split class).

Grade 2 – Mrs. Hanson

Grade 2 – Mrs. Van Delft

Grade 3 – Mrs. Fisher

Grade 4 – Mr. Price

Grade 5 – Mrs. Toninato

Grade 5-6 – Mr. Ludditt

Grade 6-7 – Mr. Ceaser

Grade 7 – Mrs. Reimer