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Revised Christmas Concert Link

The Christmas Concert video was re-edited (slight problem with the sound in one area) and is now available in a fixed version. The link was sent out in The Shake on Jan. 6, 2021.

Please note that permissions have not been given to share this video outside of the Cedars community due to privacy laws.

Principal’s Christmas Message

Long before any human being saw us, we are seen by God’s loving eyes. Long before anyone heard us cry or laugh, we are heard by our God who is all ears for us. Long before any person spoke to us in this world, we are spoken to by the voice of eternal love. Our preciousness, uniqueness, and individuality are not given to us by those who meet us in clock-time—our brief chronological existence—but by the One who has chosen us with an everlasting love, a love that existed from all eternity and will last through all eternity.

– Henri Nouwen, Life of the Beloved

This past weekend, I sat down with my family to watch “Christmas with The Chosen”. If you haven’t heard of the crowd-funded, multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus, I would strongly recommend that you take it in as a family this Christmas. Through the generosity of donors, it is available for free on YouTube. The depiction of Jesus and his early “chosen ones” sends shivers down my spine and brings tears to my eyes each time I sit down to watch.

The title of this show, The Chosen, resonates with something I have been thinking about a lot as we have moved through this season of Advent. Henri Nouwen names our chosenness as one of four “movements of the Spirit in our lives” as a Christian. Before we took our first breath, heard or spoke first words, or felt the touch of another, we were loved. More than that, we were chosen as the object of the eternal love of the Father – even before we were born.

Advent is a yearly reminder of our Belovedness. From the garden to the stable, God foreshadowed his “love come down”. Through prophets, signs, and symbols, He built anticipation for a demonstration of the fullness of His love. In the immaculate conception and humble birth of the Christ-child, we came face-to-face with love personified. Even before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:4), God chose this demonstration of His love. He chose you as the object of his love.

You are chosen. You are beloved. You are precious. Pass it on.

On behalf of our staff and leadership team, have a blessed Christmas!


Shane Nelson

December Building Update

At our Society meeting in November, it was mentioned that the Board and Cedars leadership team had applied to the Pattison Foundation for financial support to our project. The Foundation has advised us that they will not be able to provide support at this time. The Foundation was very gracious to us through the application process and in agreeing to bring the application forward to their December board meeting, and we are grateful for the opportunity despite being disappointed in the outcome.

Many thanks to Shane Nelson and Dave Rowland, as well as to Jason Oliver and David Claus, for the hours they spent putting the proposal together. The Foundation continues to express interest in Cedars and hopes that they can help us with a project in the future.

The process of putting the proposal together has provided the Board and leadership team a clearer picture of where we are and where we need to go. The Board is immensely grateful for the support this fall through individual donations and fundraising efforts initiated by community members.

We are grateful for God’s faithfulness and pray for his blessing on our Cedars family this Christmas season.

Karla Eby, on behalf of the Cedars Board

After-School Basketball Information

1. After School Basketball Program Schedule is now available (link below). We will begin the week of January 11-15 and end the week of March 15-19.

Download After School Basketball Schedule (PDF)

2. More Coaches Still Needed for the After School Basketball Program!

We are excited that we have enough girls in grades 10-12 to offer a separate time for their program. However, we are now looking for someone to coach that group of girls. If you are interested or you know of someone who might be able to help please let our Athletic Director, Steve Wilson, know ( or 250-961-9859)

Christmas Goodie Bags and a Photo Op

This Friday, elementary students will each be bringing home a goodie bag which includes a clear plastic Christmas ornament and a few ideas to inspire the kids on how to decorate it. Encourage your kids to get creative, help them decorate and personalize their ornament, and then take a photo of your child with their finished product. Share your photo with us by sending it to Dave Rowland at Thank you to the high school students for assembling the goodie bags during their Service Day! Have a relaxing and blessed break. Merry Christmas from the PAC!

Gloves and Socks Drive Update

Thank you to our generous and compassionate Cedars community for the gift of gloves and socks for people in need in Prince George! We have met a definite need for many. The Social Justice class encourages you and your families to keep our most vulnerable in mind well into the New Year.

Resting in His Plan

Reflections from Madame Rand

There are times in life when we may question God’s plans for us or wonder why He has placed us in a particular circumstance. While it is not our job to question God’s plans, it is a part of our human nature. Many of us have likely found ourselves questioning the Lord’s plans as events have unfolded over recent months.

While I must admit to sometimes questioning God’s timing, it has never been more clear to me that God has brought us here together for a purpose. As the weeks and months have passed in my time at Cedars, that feeling of purpose and God’s plan has become ever more apparent.

As I witness the love within this community, I cannot help but feel God in this place. Although I am quite certain that I would have experienced God’s love and work in this place during any school year, I know that God’s timing is no accident. During a historical time of uncertainty, I am in awe of how our community has come together to support and love each other.

One of the greatest blessings of my role as Elementary Vice Principal is that I have the privilege of witnessing and participating in many classroom lessons, chapels, field trips, playground breaks, music classes and library times and I know, without hesitation, that God has placed each one of us here together to grow closer to Him.

I can wholeheartedly say that our kids are loved and cherished here, and while we may long to know God’s plan for all of this, we can rest assured that His hand is upon us and His presence is felt here at Cedars.

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