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BC Graduation Program and 2019/20 Course Selection

On Tuesday, Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Giesbrecht met with current grade 9-11 students to review the new BC Graduation Program, and collect some preliminary information to inform the development of our 2019/20 high school timetable.

Next year, the implementation of the new, modernized BC curriculum will be completed from K-12. We encourage each parent to take some time to review the new graduation requirements outlined below.

Graduation Requirements (Dogwood Diploma)

Grade 10
Language Arts 10 (4 credits)
Mathematics 10 (4 credits)
Science 10 (4 credits)
Social Studies 10 (4 credits)
Physical and Health Education 10 (4 credits)
Career Life Explorations (4 credits)

Grade 11/12
Language Arts 11 (4 credits)
English Studies 12 (4 credits)
Mathematics 11 or 12 (4 credits)
Science 11 or 12 (4 credits)
Social Studies 11 or 12 (4 credits)
Career Life Connections + Capstone (4 credits)
Arts Education OR Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (ADST) 10 or 11 or 12 (4 credits)

In addition, students are required to complete 28 credits of grade 10-12 electives – three courses of which must be at the grade 12 level. At Cedars, Christian Perspectives 11 and 12 are required to be part of these 28 elective credits, and Career Life Connections (+ Capstone) are completed as part of Christian Perspectives 12.

Total: 80 credits required for graduation

A final requirement for graduation is the completion of three Graduation Program Assessments: Numeracy 10, Literacy 10, and Literacy 12. These assessments are not tied to a specific course, are marked on a 1-4 scale, and may be rewritten to improve score.

A detailed listing of courses that qualify for graduation credit can be found on pages 18 and 19 of the document linked below. Students have been given a paper copy of this to bring home for discussion.

BC Graduation Program – Policy Guide

A draft of our 2019/20 high school timetable will be available prior to Spring Break. Below, you will find links to the preliminary survey of Grade 10 and 11/12 course offerings. If you have any questions regarding graduation requirements or the course selection process, please contact Janice Giesbrecht, our Academic Advisor.

High School Course Selection – Grade 10
High School Course Selection – Grade 11-12

Changes to Teacher Emails from Powerschool

Our student information system, Powerschool, has recently changed some email settings on the back end. This has meant that when teachers emailed parents with class updates, the address that a response was sent to when a parent hits “reply” was not the teacher’s address anymore. Instead, it was sent to an email address that was heretofore non-existent. Thus, the response bounced and some of our high school parents were confused.

As were some of our high school teachers. 😉

First of all, we apologize for the confusion. Rather our bad for not catching the change as updates were happening to the system.

Second, here is how it will work from now on.

When a teacher emails parents via Powerschool, the email it is sent from (and thus the reply-to address) will actually be This is an unmonitored email address. If you simply click “reply” and send it off, you will now get an automated response alerting you to that fact.

However, at the bottom of the email message you will see a short line that says:

Sent on behalf of

If you need to respond to the email or have a question for the teacher, please click on the email link given there to start a note to your child’s teacher. Don’t hit that oh-so-handy reply button. (Well, you can, but again, you’ll get that nifty-but-not-so-helpful automated response.)

We are aware that this is not very intuitive and not as oh-so-handy as that lovely “reply” button. However, since it’s the system we have, it’s the system we have to work with. 😉

If you have any questions about the process, you can contact our Powerschool Admin, Coleen Hein, at 250-564-0707 or – we promise you won’t get an automated response to that email address!

Updated High School Student and Parent Handbook

Each year we review and update our Student and Parent Handbook to reflect practice and changes in policy. This year, we have updated sections related to implementation of the modernized BC curriculum and new graduation requirements. Small changes have also been made to sections regarding student self-assessments of Core Competencies, substance abuse, and attendance policies. Please take some time to review these sections. Questions may be directed to Interim Principal, Shane Nelson.

You can find the updated handbook on our Forms Page.

Save-On-Foods Cards and Student Accounts

Gift cards in $50 and $100 amounts for Save-On-Foods are available for purchase at the Main Office. Six percent of your purchase goes toward your child(ren’s) Student Account. It’s a great way to put some extra money toward sports fees during the high school years!

You don’t necessarily have to have a high school student to purchase these cards! You can donate the 6% to a fund at Cedars or to a relative or friend’s student account or to a needy family.

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