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Bundle ‘Em Up for the Cold

A reminder to parents to please ensure your children have proper warm clothing for the extreme cold that we are experiencing this week.

The elementary school has “In Days” when the temperature reaches -20C or below. Students can head straight to their classrooms when they are dropped off in the morning and will be kept in during breaks (unless the temperature rises during the day).

Please pick students up promptly at the end of school days during cold snaps, as well.

Elementary Snow Hill to Open

Starting Monday, January 13th, we will be opening a snow hill during intermediate lunch.  Please keep the following in mind:

  • Safety first. Students are expected to play safely, take turns, and watch out for other students while on and around the snow hill.
  • No big sleds
  • The snow hill will be closed when it gets too icy.

Have fun and play safe!

A Christmas Musical Refection

by Cadence H. and Olivia B., Grade 4

This year’s Christmas play, Away in a Mango, meant a lot to us. It took so much time and energy. However, this play built our relationship with God by helping us to understand the true meaning of Christmas. We also have to tell you all about how incredibly awesome everyone did! What could be better than teaching others people about God? (Nothing!) There were almost three months of practice until it was time for the play. The choir, ensemble, and cast taught more than 250 people about God. Some were even hearing about it for the FIRST TIME! Now, that means a lot! In fact, it is life-changing! All in all, it was an experience we will never forget!


Captain: Gloria I. Gr.6
Billy (First Mate): Julia Gr. 6
Jessica (Cruise director):Kacy S. Gr.6
Emma (Cruise Entertainer): Olivia B. Gr.4
Sophie (Cruise Entertainer): Cadence H.t Gr.4
Tammy (Cruise Entertainer): Maeli K. Gr.4
Logan (Building Contractor):Spencer M.e Gr. 4
Mariah (Firefighter):Mariah S. Gr. 6
Olivia (Firefighter): Hadanse S. Gr.6
Chloe (Firefighter): Abi P. Gr.4
Jasmine (Mime): Paige K. Gr.5
Johnny (Castaway): Schle V. Gr.6
Pilot: Matthias H. Gr.4
Crewman: Musa V. Gr.4

Christmas Concert Costume Tips for Parents

Choir concert costumes this year are cut-off jean shorts (not too short!) and white T-shirts. Please feel free to use old jeans to cut off or purchase jeans from Value Village or another thrift store to make shorts out of. Plain white T-shirts can be purchased very cheaply (under $10) from Michaels.

Elementary Parent/Teacher Interviews on Monday

Teachers have emailed out their class schedules for Parent/Teacher Interviews on Monday (Dec. 2). If you have not received the information, please email your child’s teacher or call the office (250-564-0707).

If you need to change your appointment time(s), please call the office. Teachers are not able to move families around in the schedule.

If you can’t come on Monday, please call the office to let us know. You should also email your teacher to book another time/day with them as needed.

Interviews run from first thing in the morning until the end of the school day, so there will be no classes for K-7 that day.


Free Cougars’ Ticket Reminder

A reminder to parents if you have not done so already, to claim your Cougar’s tickets for the November 23rd game. All students in elementary have been given a free ticket for their participation in the Spirit of Healthy Kids School Program.

Click here find the instructions on how to get your ticket.

As we are going as a school, we will all be sitting in the same area and we encourage our community to sport their Cedar’s gear! Note that parents are responsible for supervision of their own children at the game.

See you there!

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