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Thank You!

On behalf of our leadership team, teachers, and support staff we would like to thank all of our parents and caregivers for supporting and encouraging us throughout the 2019/20 school year – but especially in these most recent months of at-home learning. We could not have done it without you! In this season, we have been reminded that “educating and equipping discerning disciples of Jesus Christ for restorative work in His kingdom” is a mission we cannot fulfill on our own. May the Lord bless the sowing and watering of the many seeds planted in our work together this year. Shalom.

School Start Supply Lists

Parents of students in (next year) Grades 2-7 have the opportunity to order all their school supplies from School Start. The parent letter with all the instructions is attached below. The link to School Start is included in the letter or you can click the image to the right. Supplies are delivered right to your home!

School Start Parent Letter (PDF)

1 to 1 Technology Plan for 20/21

After reviewing feedback from staff and parents around our 1:1 Technology Plan, we have decided to implement two distinct programs for Intermediate (Grades 4-7) and High School (Grades 8-12) in September. This means that every student from Grades 4-12 will have 1:1 access to a Chromebook or laptop for use at the school and/or at home next year. Please take some time to review the details below. 

Intermediate 1:1 Chromebook Rental

This summer, Cedars will purchase new Chromebooks for all Grade 4-7 students. These machines will be assigned to individual students for the 2020/21 with an annual rental fee of $50. Assigning one machine per student eliminates the need for sharing devices and between-use cleaning. It positions us for stage fluidity in the Fall that may require 1:1 deployment to support at-home learning. Families will be responsible for loss of a device, but the school will cover any damage that requires repair or replacement. Devices will be replaced on a 3-yr cycle to ensure a strong user experience. 

Generally, these Chromebooks would reside in the classroom; however, there may be times when students may request or be required to take them home to complete assigned work. Although the students will have more access to technology in the classroom, teachers will be intentional about maximizing face-to-face, hands-on learning experiences with “screens off”, and managing how and when technology is employed for learning.

High School 1:1 Laptop BYOD or “Rent-to-Own”

There is strong support for a 1:1 device program for high school students. This summer, Cedars will put in an order for certified refurbished 14” HP Elitebook 840 G2 Laptops. These laptops will run Windows 10 Pro and come preloaded with Microsoft Office, webcams, 128GB SSD, 8 GB RAM, and a 3-yr repair or replacement warranty for any damage. Families will be responsible for loss of a device. 

High school students will have a choice to bring their own device (BYOD) with specs similar to devices described above OR sign up for our “rent-to-own” program. The HP laptops are $600 to purchase outright. The 3-yr warranty is only valid while devices are used by students enrolled at Cedars and the machines are maintained by the school. Families may choose to spread payments over 2 years ($300, $300) or 3 years ($300, $150, $150). Proof of minimum payment of $300 (lump sum or pre-authorized payments of $30/month) will be required for issue of device. Families who wish to sign up for the “rent-to-own program need to sign up on this form before Friday, July 3. 

High school students will be required to bring their devices to and from home. We do not plan to house and charge devices overnight in the building. Access to power will be made available in all classrooms for charging when necessary. 

Many of our students and/or families already have devices that meet required laptop specifications. Some of the laptops in our current  inventory have the required specifications. These devices are being sold “as is” for $200. If you are interested in purchasing one of our older machines or will require financial assistance, please contact Jessica Rand, our Technology Coordinator, by email (

2020/21 Learning Plan – Update

Our staff and leadership team have been working on our Stage 1, 2, and 3 return-to-school plans for K-12 students in September 2020. We will likely not know what Stage we are returning to until mid to late August. In this update, we would like to share the broad strokes of our Stage 1-3 plans for your consideration. Unlike the optional return to in-class instruction in June, we are asking parents to make a commitment to return-to-school plans as outlined. Although a hybrid of at-home and in-class learning is a reality in Stages 2 and 3, participation in the in-class instructional components will not be optional. We are, at heart, a brick and mortar school and believe strongly in the value of face-to-face, in-class instruction.

Stage 1

  • Full return for K-12 students

Stage 2

  • Full return for K-7 students
  • 40% (2 full days) return for High School students with reduced density
    • Example: Grade 8/9s in-class instruction on Monday and Tuesday; Wednesday to Friday learning at-home
    • Example: Grade 10-12s in-class instruction on Thursday and Friday; Monday to Wednesday learning at-home

Stage 3

  • 50% return for K-7 students with reduced density
    • Example: Half day, in-class instruction on Monday to Thursday; Friday learning at-home
  • 20% return for High School students with reduced density
    • Example: Grade 8/9s half-day, in-class instruction on Monday and Wednesday; Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday learning at-home
    • Example: Grade 10-12s half-day, in-class instruction on Tuesday and Thursday; Monday, Tuesday, and Friday learning at-home

In late August, we will send out a communique to all families clarifying the Stage in which we will be returning, and full details regarding weekly in-class instruction days and times. Thank you for your patience. We will share more when we are able. It is our hope that sharing the general shape of our planning will allow families to prepare and rest this summer.

Year-End High School Awards

Our year-end celebrations have looked a little different this year, but we do want to acknowledge high school students who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, citizenship, and service in significant ways this year. Certificates and awards will be made available for pick up with report cards on June 29 and 30, 2020.

First of all, we would like to recognize the following students for their consistent Honour Roll status in all four high school terms. The first year that students accomplish this, they receive a Bronze medal. In subsequent years, they receive additional medals and/or plaques recognizing this achievement. Here are this year’s Academic Achievement Award recipients:

Bronze Medal (1-yr)

Trinity Bailey
Kate Bandstra
Hannah Cabilao
Carter Ceaser
Ryan Crosina
Dawson Friesen
Annie Godwin
Sarah Hillhouse
Ladicea Hrushka
Irene Koledoye
Amy Larson
Jacob Lee
Sophia Lukaris
Sam Nelson
Olu Okebie
Jonah Oliver
Kelly Park
Levi Petkau
Arianna Rosen
Cole Staves
Esther Vejvoda
Gabby Wagner
Makenna Wankel

Silver Medal (2-yr)

Bethany Bohmer
Brendan Carlaw
Madelyn Erbacher
Regan Faller
Katriel Hrankowski
Andrew Isaac
Daniel Iyaoromi
Faith Iyaoromi
John Jeong
Christabel Koledoye
Melody Missiuna
Robert Redden
Micaela Rogers
Jada Schultz
Gabe Taylor
Liam Tiefensee
Victoria Van Delft
Andries Van Zyl
Hannah Vejvoda
Madeline Whitehouse

Gold Medal (3-yr)

Malcom Crawford
Rebekah Barg
Mitchell Crosina
Jakob Doerksen
Tony Kibonge
Jakob Oliver
Paige Woolgar

4-yr Plaque

Noelle Aitken
Jayden Bergstrom
Aleena Berkhoven
Mckenzie Friesen
Eryn Isaac
Trinitee Orton
Maillee Taylor
Max Whitehouse
Cole Willmann
Ben Wolitski
Anna Worthington

5-yr Plaque

Lucas Crosina
Karl Kibonge
Joshua Leboe

We would also like to recognize junior male and female students nominated by staff and peers for character demonstrated throughout this school year.


Junior –  Jenevieve Wilson and Jakob Oliver
Senior – Trinitee Orton and Karl Kibonge


Junior – Amy Larson and Liam Tiefensee
Senior – Maillee Taylor and Lucas Crosina


Junior – Jenevieve Wilson and Andrew Isaac
Senior – Jayden Bergstrom and Max Whitehouse

Technology Plan – We Need Your Feedback!

The events of these past few months have highlighted the importance of technology for continuity of learning between school and home. This summer, we are upgrading our Internet services, firewall / security appliance, and wireless access points to support a growing number of devices and capacity for video conferencing. We are also thinking seriously about a 1:1 technology plan for grade 4-12 students next year.

There are a variety of 1:1 models in school settings. Some schools provide machines of the same type to each student; others have a hybrid of student-owned and school-owned machines. At its basic level, 1:1 means that each student would have a device assigned to them for at-school and at-home learning.

We would like feedback from our families on a “rent-to-own” device deployment program. This would involve an intermediate (grades 4-7) “rent to own” Chromebook program, and a BYOD (bring your own device) and/or “rent to own” laptop program for high school students. Subsidies and/or device loans would be arranged for families who cannot afford rental fees.

Here’s what the basic program could look like:

Intermediate 1:1 Chromebook Deployment
School rental of new, rugged Chromebooks w/ 3-yr warranty (Value: ~$250)
3-yr “rent to own” payment schedule: $150, $50, $50

High School 1:1 Laptop Deployment
Option 1: BYOD (with pre-identified specs)
Option 2: School rental of business-grade, refurbished laptops w/ 3yr warranty (Value: ~$600)
3-yr “rent to own” payment schedule: $300, $150, $150

Chromebooks are currently being used by our grade 6 and 7 students, and provide straightforward access to Google tools such as Classroom, Meets, and Drive. Laptops would be deployed with Microsoft Office software and maintained by the school. The 3-yr warranties from our preferred vendor are comprehensive – covering repair or replacement in all cases of damage. Devices would be transferred into family ownership at the end of 3yr rental period. A school buy-back program may also be considered – especially for students moving from elementary to high school.

Many of our students and/or families already have devices that meet required specifications. Some of our current Chromebooks and laptops have the required specifications for video conferencing and desktop publishing. These devices are being sold “as is” for $100 and $200, respectively. Regardless of what we decide to do regarding 1:1 technology deployment, you can indicate your interest in purchasing one of our used machines in the survey form below.

Please give us your feedback on this 1:1 plan before Monday, June 22nd. If we decide to move forward with this plan, we will provide more information in our last Shake eNewsletter on Wednesday, June 24th.

1:1 Technology Plan Survey

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