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Honduras 2014

Trails and Trips (March 20)

Our sleep in didn’t quite go as planned.  The rooster stayed quiet but the Villa residents were up bright and early, waking us up before our alarms.  Sol lead us in our morning devotions helping us understand what it means to have and attitude of thanksgiving.  It...

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Retreat and Refreshment March 19

After a late night of planning, we slept through the rooster crowing but were awoken by the “cold whimper” of Miss Jaime contemplating a freezing shower!  The girls have run into some bad luck with their water heater.  As for Sol and I…who needs showers? We ate a...

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The Unexpected Weather (March 18)

Today we woke up to rain!  Unbelievable!  The weather may have been cold and wet but it didn’t dampen the spirits of our group!  Plus it was good for the seeds we planted yesterday.  Cassidy started our morning off with a reminder that ultimately it is God’s right to...

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Blog posts…fail

I wanted to send out this post quickly to let everyone know that we landed safely in Calgary and will be leaving here tomorrow by 9 am.  We should be home around 6pm.  As far as the blog posts go I will be posting some tonight.  I would have liked to have kept...

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There and Back Again (March 17)

The rooster crowed, pulling us from our dreams, bright and early at 5am. Our day started with devotions in which Sarah challenged us to stay open to God and not harden our hearts. After eating breakfast we split into groups. The girls stayed and worked on various...

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