After a late night of planning, we slept through the rooster crowing but were awoken by the “cold whimper” of Miss Jaime contemplating a freezing shower!  The girls have run into some bad luck with their water heater.  As for Sol and I…who needs showers?

We ate a quick breakfast and then piled into the busitos to head to the Baptist church camp for the elementary school retreat.  We were on for games, a skit, a foot washing ceremony and helping with crafts.  Around 40 students from both the Villa and Jericho school jumped off the bus for a day of fun and refreshment by God’s Spirit as they heard a message of understanding that they are loved and are sons and daughters of the King.

Our skit was an adaptation of the book “You are Special” starring Sol as Punchinello and Shannon and Aimee as chief star and dot givers!  The students enjoyed Sol’s attempts at greatness and laughed as he failed at even combing his hair.  After the skit and a testimony by Isaac, an eight-year old at the Villa, we sent the students 2 by 2 to the foot washing stations we had set up around the meeting hall.  As our team washed the feet of these kids, they took the opportunity to pray for them- a neat ministry moment to witness.

We finished the retreat off with a craft and after cleaning up, boarded the busito to head back to the Villa for supper.  We shared another meal and listened to some more stories and enjoyed a rather relaxed evening.  Tomorrow we are doing some work around the Villa and then heading over to Jericho school to tutor some of the students and then go on a field trip to Chiminike, a very popular museum in Tegucigalpa.  Miss Jaime gave us permission to sleep in tomorrow and oh stay tuned for Sol’s big reveal!

Through the eyes of our students: Sol Goudsward 

You know, kids aren’t entirely annoying after all. Though I wasn’t terribly excited to help out with the retreat (Not that I was dreading it) it turned out to be a great experience. The kids loved our skit, and I found the foot-washing and the helping out with crafts to be not as awkward as they had a right to be. Heck, I’d even go as far as to say that reaching out and serving those children was reasonably awesome. I guess that’s what can happen when you open your mind to new things.  Overall I think the retreat was very impacting for the kids.                                                                                                                                                                            I’m very glad I came here to Honduras. I can’t think of any time when I’ve had the opportunity to learn, to teach, to bless, and to be blessed as much as I have this week.  This trip has been full of adventure, community, and fun times from the beginning, and I look forward to more radness in the days to come.