Reflections from Madame Rand

There are times in life when we may question God’s plans for us or wonder why He has placed us in a particular circumstance. While it is not our job to question God’s plans, it is a part of our human nature. Many of us have likely found ourselves questioning the Lord’s plans as events have unfolded over recent months.

While I must admit to sometimes questioning God’s timing, it has never been more clear to me that God has brought us here together for a purpose. As the weeks and months have passed in my time at Cedars, that feeling of purpose and God’s plan has become ever more apparent.

As I witness the love within this community, I cannot help but feel God in this place. Although I am quite certain that I would have experienced God’s love and work in this place during any school year, I know that God’s timing is no accident. During a historical time of uncertainty, I am in awe of how our community has come together to support and love each other.

One of the greatest blessings of my role as Elementary Vice Principal is that I have the privilege of witnessing and participating in many classroom lessons, chapels, field trips, playground breaks, music classes and library times and I know, without hesitation, that God has placed each one of us here together to grow closer to Him.

I can wholeheartedly say that our kids are loved and cherished here, and while we may long to know God’s plan for all of this, we can rest assured that His hand is upon us and His presence is felt here at Cedars.