Welcome back!

It has been good to reconnect and witness the reunion of staff and students on our campus over the past couple of days. However, for some, the prospect of returning to school has been challenging. Concerns around positive COVID-19 cases and possible exposures loom large for some families. Letters like the one I sent at the end of December can feed our fears and contribute to a sense of instability.

As stated by one of our Christian school colleagues, “we are humbled by the trust that is put in us when caregivers send their kids to [our] school, and we [are doing] everything we can to maintain a safe learning environment where students can flourish, away from the shadow of fear.” When we are faced with realities that we cannot control, it is human to experience fear. In response to our fear, we all have different responses. Some freeze, some fight, some flee.

It is in these times that our core value of “community of grace resonates most. To those who are troubled and gripped by anxiety, we show the grace of presence…and where that is not possible, prayer. To those wrestling with questions and struggling against things they can’t make sense of, we show the grace of listening…even if we don’t have answers. And, to those who long to just run away and escape, we show the grace of invitation.

We know this grace most profoundly, of course, in the person of Jesus – who took on flesh and dwelt among us, intercedes on our behalf, hears our cries, and invites us to follow Him. It is our sincere prayer that you continue to experience this grace in your interactions with our staff and leadership team, and that we continue to demonstrate grace to one another as we journey together through this new year.

Grace and peace.

Shane Nelson