Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them…
– Jesus, Luke 18:16

Jesus knows how precious the heart of a child is and how much they understand when we take the time to be with them. Children learn more when they are happy, feel safe and can explore their environment.

At Cedars Preschool, our learning is play-based. This includes activities that introduce the children to their ABC’s, 123’s and the colours on the colour wheel. Hearing about Baby Jesus being born in Bethlehem is wonderful, but it takes on new meaning when you can dress up like Mary, work with wood like Joseph, carry ‘Baby Jesus’ in a sling (Mary didn’t have a stroller), or wrap Him in swaddling cloth (Mary didn’t have baby clothes).

Every theme we explore is wrapped up with God at the center.

Our day includes:

  • free play
  • craft time
  • circle time
  • snack
  • gym
  • show and tell
  • group activities

…and we end our day with prayer.

We are a parent-participation preschool with 20 children to a class and two staff members on hand at all time (an ECE qualified teacher and an assistant). We greatly value the extra helping hands parents provide. Parent duties include:

  • monitoring the parking lot before and after class
  • help in the classroom with crafts or playtimes
  • help with clean-up of activities or the space we use
  • taking laundry home to wash and return

 As a bonus to those families with older siblings also enrolled at Cedars Christian School, time helping at the Preschool goes toward your required yearly 25 volunteer hours.

For more information, pricing, or questions, please contact our Preschool Teacher.


Evangelical Free Church – Basement
4590 5th Avenue, Prince George, BC
(corner of 5th Ave. and Killoren Cres.)

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Contact Information

Teacher: Wilma Sturwold

Phone: 250-961-7495

Class Times

Four-Year-Old Class

M-W-F,  9:00am-11:30am

Three-Year-Old Class

T-Th, 9:00am-11:30am