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Prayer Corner and Updates

Did you know that our staff meet once a week to pray together for our school community? Did you know that there is a group of parents who pray weekly for our school? If there are things you and yours would like us to pray together with you about, don’t hesitate to pass them on to the school office in-person or by phone or email (

Two community members are in Vancouver right now and have been on our hearts of late. Please hold them up in your prayers!

Sam Chisholm (Gr.9) was taken to Vancouver Children’s Hospital last week for removal of some lymph nodes and a suspicion of cancer. He is undergoing a variety of tests, but at the time of writing, has no clear diagnosis. Colin and Tina are keeping folks in the loop through this web app. Praying for doctor wisdom and the Lord’s healing hand! If you have a note of encouragement, please forward to the office and we can pass it on.

Ben George (Colten and Micah’s dad; Loyie girls’ uncle) had brain surgery last Friday and, thanks be to God, is recovering slowly in the ICU. With fundraising help from friends and family, extended family was able to travel down south to be present and support. Please pray for continued healing and recovery – which may take months. Contact the office if you would like to support the famil(ies) with food or finances.

Of course, we all have burdens we carry. These are two of many, but they highlight the power of prayer and the difference that the support of a community can make. Let us continue to hold one another up and share one another’s burdens!