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March 13, 2024: Applications are now closed for the 24/25 school year with the exception of Kindergarten and Grade 8.

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Rain, Storm, Fire, Wind – Our Approach to Inclement Weather

Parents/Caregivers often inquire about school guidelines for outside play in situations of inclement weather. Overall, our approach is to “educate and equip” our students to prepare for and respond to different weather conditions.

In the winter, if outdoor temperatures are warmer than -20 degrees Celsius (considering wind chill), elementary students will be asked to play outside at recess and lunch (and “out” day). Being prepared with gloves, touques, boots and winter jackets is necessary for life in the north!

In shoulder seasons, students should also be prepared for being outside in light rain by bringing a rainproof jacket and boots. On days where there is heavy rainfall, teachers will be asked to provide an “in day” option for students.

In recent years, forest fires in our area have increased the number of days where we experience smokey skies and lower air quality. Please let the office know if your child has preexisting conditions that require special consideration. Generally, on lighter smoke days, teachers will remind students to consider reducing activity levels during their outdoor play times. On heavy smoke days, the school administration may ask teachers to initiate mandatory or optional “in day” recess and/or lunch. Air quality indexes are used in this decision matrix; however, air quality across our city can vary quite substantially. We balance health and safety with the value of outdoor activity. More discretion given to high school students, as they are not typically required to be outdoors. Parents/Caregivers may choose to supply and give instructions to their child for wearing a mask. As per our school policy, respect will be shown to those who choose or choose not to wear a mask for any health and safety reasons.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our school Principal, Shane Nelson (