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Online Course Policies and Procedures

Grade 8-10 students are required to take a full course load (8 courses in Blocks A-D). Grades 11 and 12 students may apply for permission to enroll in online courses through distributed learning schools when courses are not offered at Cedars, or are offered in blocks where students are unable to take them.  Consideration will also be given for those who need more time to complete a given course.

Online courses require students to be independent and self-disciplined. Approval for online courses is based, in part, on a student’s historical demonstration of responsibility and independence.

Upon approval, students are typically enrolled in an Online Support Block. Enrollment in an Online Support Block ensures administrative (scanning, printing, access to technology) and advocacy support from Cedars’ staff. Online students are required to meet with the Academic Advisor to activate their account, and discuss work space, technology needs, and a course completion accountability timeline. Generally, students are expected to remain enrolled and complete online coursework in the semester that they enroll in the online course.