“Are you ready?”

This was the question that Paul posed to the church in Corinth concerning the needs of the early church in Jerusalem. The Macedonian churches were stirred up and had already begun collecting a love offering, and Paul was following up with earlier excitement from the Corinthians to participate.

In this context, Paul took time to remind all believers about Christian giving (2 Corinthians 10).

  • Give willingly and cheerfully, not grudgingly, reluctantly, or in response to pressure. (vs.5,7)
  • Sow generously, and you will reap generously. (vs. 6)
  • Remember: God generously provides all you need, and plenty left over to share with others. He provides the seeds and the great harvest, so you can always be generous. (vs. 8-10)
  • Giving is good for the soul, the blessing of others, and brings glory to God. (vs. 12-14)

This past year has been challenging in many ways. But, we have seen God’s generous provision of our needs. Through the gifts of His people, we were able to provide financial assistance to families who needed it last Spring, and finish the year with a surplus! Some of this surplus was a result of good stewardship (prioritizing spending and spending less); some of this was due to voluntary layoffs, and cancelled programs and activities. After sorting through COVID and non-COVID related surpluses, we are pleased to fulfill our Spring promise and give a $550 Tuition Credit to our currently enrolled families who attended last year and did not receive financial assistance last year.

Are you ready?

As you know, we are in the midst of a significant building expansion project. It is exciting! On the one hand, we finished the year with a surplus; on the other hand, we are borrowing money to finance construction. This December, we are asking eligible families to consider how this $550 is allocated on their behalf. If all eligible families allocate this $550 as a gift toward the new expansion project, we could move $82,500 closer to our $200K annual giving goal! (Note that those who take up this option will receive the same charitable tax receipt as they would have received, if they had paid full December tuition.)

That said, we recognize that some families could use these funds to meet other needs. If eligible families would prefer a $550 reduction of their December tuition payment, they are asked to complete the following form by Friday, November 20th. Otherwise, we will allocate these funds toward the building expansion project on their behalf. (Note that those who take up the tuition reduction option will receive $550 less on their charitable tax receipt for the 2020 tax year.)

Tuition Credit Form

Lastly, although there are some families who have lost income this year – some have experienced increase. This Fall, we have received cash donations of over $25,000! To those who have been blessed with plenty, we ask you to consider a generous year-end donation to our building expansion project. Help us meet and exceed our annual giving goal for the 2020/21 school year!

We look forward to celebrating the Lord’s provision through the generosity of His people over the next several months! May He be glorified in our midst.


Shane Nelson