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Next Week is Truth & Reconciliation Week!

Once again, we are curating daily activities for our Primary, Intermediate, and High School staff to implement across our K-12 classrooms.  A daily Facebook post will highlight “reflections for the day” throughout this week. Each day we will be taking time to speak important truths about the mistreatment of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Below is a summary of learning targets and experiences for our students, staff, and community. Parents/Caregivers are invited to reach out to their classroom teacher or one of our administrators if you would like further information.

Monday – History

Learning Targets: 

  • “I can describe how Indigenous peoples in Canada were mistreated.” (K-3)
  • “I can describe the impact of assimilation and residential schools on Indigenous peoples.” (4-12)

Focus will be on storytelling and describing life of Indigenous peoples before colonization. An Indigenous family will be sharing stories with our Intermediate students. Older students will spend time looking at timelines and key historical events that have had an impact on Indigenous peoples. 

Tuesday – Stewardship (Land)

Learning Targets:

  • “I can describe how Indigenous peoples are Earth Keepers.” (K-3)
  • I can describe how Indigenous people demonstrate stewardship of Creation.” (4-12)

Focus will be on place-based learning experiences. K-3 students will be reading a story and doing reflective exercises outdoors on campus. Younger Intermediate students will be going to Huble Homestead to engage in curated experiences. Older Intermediate and Junior High students will be doing a walking tour of the Lheidli T’enneh Park area created by our high school humanities classes. Senior High students will be doing a reflective, art-focused, prayer walk of the downtown area. 

Wednesday – Family

Learning Targets: 

  • “I can describe safe and loving relationships.” (Primary)
  • “I can describe safe and healthy relationships.” (Intermediate)
  • “I can describe the impact of residential schools on Indigenous families in Canada.” (High School)

Focus will be on the impact of residential schools on Indigenous families. During afternoon chapel time, high school students will buddy with elementary students to complete a reflective art activity that will be completed as a mosaic “heart” shaped peice in the following week. Small wood pieces will capture student reflections on historical truths and hopes for reconciliation. 

On Wednesday evening, Dr. Raymond Aldred, Director of Indigenous Studies at the Vancouver School of Theology, will make a presentation on the journey of reconciliation at 7pm in our elementary gym. Parents/Caregivers are encouraged to attend. Invitations have been shared with local church communities as well. A facilitated Q&A time will follow Dr. Aldred’s presentation. Mark your calendars for this event!

Thursday – Assemblies

Learning Targets:

  • “I can identify the wrongs that were done to Indigenous peoples in Canada.”
  • “I can identify ways  that I can be part of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.”

Thursday will be Orange Shirt Day. Students, staff and community members are encouraged to wear orange. Many will be wearing shirts that feature the eagle carving image created by Indigenous artist, Clayton Gaultier! [Side note: Clayton’s carving is complete and installed in our new gymnasium! A formal unveiling ceremony will take place on Oct 4th. Speak to Mr. Nelson if you are interested in attending this event.]

Dr. Aldred will be sharing at both elementary (10:45am) and high school (8:45am) assemblies. These will be solemn, reflective gatherings focused on the history and impact of residential schools, and a call to reconciliation efforts. Parents/Caregivers are welcome to attend assemblies hosted in our elementary gym. 

Friday – National Day for Truth & Reconciliation

There will be no school on this day. Students, staff, and families are encouraged to participate in personal reflection and consider attendance at local events. Links to reading and multimedia materials and local events will be highlighted in our Facebook post.

Looking forward to a rich time of learning and reflection!