Today we will talk about getting you oriented to life at Cedars and how we can communicate with each other.

New Family Orientation

The final step in your acceptance process is your attendance at a one-hour, new-family orientation session where we will explain more about the parent-school relationship and expectations of the school community.

We have two orientation evenings a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. We will email you with details of meeting times and dates so that you can attend one of them in your first year.

School Communications


If your child is going to be away from school, please contact the Main Office to let us know.

Phone: 250-564-0707

We have an answering machine to catch those early-morning calls, but email works just as well! If you are emailing teachers to report an absence, please CC the office.

High school students need to sign out at the office when they leave during the day. If they are late or when they return from being away, they also need to sign in. There is a book in the office for this purpose.

These practices are important for both safety and record-keeping reasons. Thank you for assisting us in keeping your children safe!

Staff Email Addresses

In general (apart from one or two exceptions), our staff email addresses are set up as “first name, last initial, at”. For example, teacher Joe Schmoe would have the email address of

You can also find email addresses on our website staff page:

The Cedars Shake and the Website

One of the main ways we get important information to parents is by a weekly e-newsletter called “The Cedars Shake”. Published every Wednesday, it will point you to all the news posts on our website which include items such as up-coming events, reminders for days off, exam schedules, volunteer opportunities, and more.

Apart from the school news (always found at, our website is full of useful information for parents at all times of the year. Here are a few of the more important site highlights: – all the dates and times of school events and days off – all major school forms, either PDFs or links to online forms, are housed on this page, including school supply lists – a reference page for bell schedules, traffic rules, tuition fees, and links to other important areas of the site – high school and elementary athletics calendars with dates for practices and events

Facebook Updates Page

We have a Facebook page, found at where we post about some of the daily life at Cedars. Feel free to join us there!

Next Up – Volunteering

We’ll see you in a couple of days to explain all about volunteering at Cedars, how you can do it, what you can do, and how to find those opportunities.