The online system to submit a Criminal Record Check has changed to a new applicant-based online service (eCRC) using the BC Services Card as Electronic Identity Verification (EIV).

New eCRC Service

  • Identity verification: In the new eCRC system, an applicant’s identity is verified using their BC Services Card. If the applicant is using the BC Services Card to access the online service for first time, they will be directed to activate their card by video or in person through Service BC. Please note if applicants choose to activate their card in person, a mobile device is still required (iPhone, iPad, or Android).
  • Cost: There is no charge associated with activating a BC Services Card or for our Cedars volunteers to use this criminal record check service.

The website link has changed, but our access code has not. Please see our Volunteers page for the code and link if you need to apply for the first time or if you need to renew your record check. Criminal record checks are good for five years at Cedars.