“The God of heaven will help us succeed. We, his servants, will start rebuilding…” Nehemiah 2:20

The Building Committee, Board, and School Leadership team are excited to announce that site work will begin next week to prepare for foundation and building erection in early Spring 2020!

Please note and share the following timeline of activity over the next several weeks:

  1. Site work surveying on Friday. You will see yellow-vested surveyors on site mapping elevations for excavation work.
  2. Work Bee on Saturday. Lots of helping hands needed! We need help removing the last two basketball hoops from the outdoor play area; taking down chain link fencing, erecting new construction fencing along Preston road, posting of signage and securing site work area. Access points from our playground area will be closed to foot traffic to keep children out of site work area. We are in the process of re-installing four of our basketball hoops around the back of the school gymnasium. Check out this revitalized play area!
  3. Heavy-duty machinery arrival on Saturday/Sunday.
  4. Site work begins on Monday, October 7th. Excavation of building site to remove organic material, prep of cleared area for gravel truck access, and development of road access through brewery driveway for gravel trucks.
  5. Gravel delivery and compaction is scheduled to begin in the week of October 14th. Gravel trucks will enter property off of North Nechako onto Preston Road, dump load on site, and leave through new road access – turning left onto North Nechako from brewery driveway. Gravel delivery is expected to take at least two weeks.

Please note that loop traffic patterns will be affected during weeks of gravel delivery. We will have additional traffic coordinators in yellow vests on site through these weeks to ensure good flow at the start and finish of each day. If you are willing to volunteer and be trained for this role, please contact our Principal, Shane Nelson at the office.

Let us continue to pray for safety and a blessing on our Building Committee and volunteer machine operators in this phase of our expansion project. Check out our “Construction Milestones” section of Growing Together webpage. Stay tuned for new developments in this space!