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Monthly Recurring Donations – The Benefits and Setting Up

A monthly recurring donation allows donors to spread their giving across the entire year, which is helpful for both the donor and the school. For example:

  1. Convenience: Monthly giving is a great way to include charitable donations in a household budget. You can contact the business office to set this up and have contributions come directly out of your bank account or off your credit card.
  2. Helpful for Cedars: Recurring giving provides consistency and assists the school with forecasting and budgeting. Ultimately, it aids the school when planning for capital expenditures and can remove some of the financial uncertainty.
  3. Builds A Culture Of Giving: We praise God for His work in the hearts of many individuals and families who have given generously to sustain and help advance Christian education in our community over the past 40 + years. To keep going down this pathway, we need a community that continues to give today and in the future. Recurring giving supports this notion. It keeps us in the habit of donating while building a culture of giving.

How to Set Up Monthly Recurring Giving

  1. Contact our Business Office ( or Dave Rowland (
  2. You can set up recurring payments either using your credit card or by setting up a Pre-Authorized Payment to come directly out of your bank account.

It’s that simple.

We have several families set up on recurring monthly donations already. Monthly giving ranges from $50 to $500 per month. Even a small amount monthly adds up over the year. Please consider it.

Thank you to all who give through praying, volunteering, gifts, and financially.