Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement

Educating and equipping discerning disciples of Jesus Christ for restorative work in His kingdom.

Our Vision

All instruction, recognized by the BC Ministry of Education, is taught by BC Certified teachers and supported by an active parent society, to incorporate a Christian perspective in every aspect of daily education.  Both staff and parents unite to help the child to:

  • Develop their unique potential
  • Internalize spiritual values
  • Live a life of service, fellowship, stewardship, discipleship and obedience to God.

What We Believe

The basis for the instruction offered at Cedars Christian School is the Word of God. We believe that the Bible, the written Word of God, is the power that directs our lives and is the infallible authority that is to govern all our activities including the education of our children.

Through the Scriptures, we know that God created all things by His Word and that He continues faithfully to uphold and sustain all of created reality. We believe that man, through sin and disobedience, became estranged from God and his neighbour and thus became blind to the true meaning of life and reality. Jesus Christ, the Word of God Incarnate, reconciles the world to God and redeems our lives in their entirety.

The purpose of Christian education is to guide and direct the children in such a way that they commit their hearts and lives to Christ, come to an integral and meaningful knowledge of the wonderful creation God has given us, and are prepared in all life’s aspects to serve God and their neighbours.

We believe that God has primarily given parents a responsibility to nurture and educate their children. Cedars’ primary purpose is to assist parents to fulfill this educational task.