Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Last week, Premier John Horgan made a series of announcements regarding BC’s Restart Plan. A “coordinated, measured”, five-stage return to in-class instruction, with an “eventual safe and full return in September” was part of this announcement. The Deputy Minister of Education followed up these announcements with a bulletin to school authorities, stating:

Schools…must begin planning a move to Stage 3 by June 1. This planning must include your local partners and Indigenous rights holders and take into consideration the latest information from the Provincial Health Officer…. Each school district and independent school authority will be required to prepare a Return to In-Class Instruction Plan prior to initiating Stage 3 in your schools.”

Cedars is committed to continuity of learning at-home and/or at-school for the remainder of this school year. Any return to school will be optional for families

In a survey linked below, we are asking for your feedback on a number of aspects of a Cedars-based, “Return to In-Class Instruction” plan. Your feedback has been instrumental in the success of our at-home learning plan, and it would be beneficial for all if we could have your input before 10pm on Friday, May 15th.

For some, news of a return to school will bring a sigh of relief; for others, this news brings up a host of new questions and concerns. Our surveys of students, parents and families have indicated that at-home learning has been a good experience overall for a large portion of our families. Many may be content to finish out the year with at-home learning plans and support. Depending on the number and ages of children returning, our return to in-school instruction and support will look different. Again, your feedback is important for our planning

Overall, a return to school before September allows us to “work out the kinks” and contribute to the common good in our provincial restart plan. We will know more from the Ministry of Education this coming Friday around timelines and guidelines for implementing a “stage 3” return. When we have put this together with survey results from our families, we will share our school plan with you. 

Some immediate questions have been addressed by the Ministry of Education on their updated FAQ for K-12 Continuity of Learning website. Public Health advice for work with children in K-12 school settings have also been updated (see links below), and send a clear message to parents and staff that for school-aged children and the adults who work with them in a K-12 context, risk is low, and can be further reduced by school-based protocols. These documents and links are primary sources and provide more accurate information regarding government planning than what you may find from media outlets.

We are excited to see more of our students enter the building in the coming weeks! And, this return to school aligns nicely with a construction kick-off on our building expansion project. Work on the foundation begins this week, and our prefabricated steel frame structure will arrive at the beginning of June. We will start to see a new building rise up from the gravel platform over the next three months! I encourage you to read the Board update in this week’s Shake, and stay tuned to new developments on our Growing Together Expansion Project

May the Lord continue to give you “daily bread” and demonstrate His faithfulness to our community as we put our trust in Him.


Shane Nelson



Important Parent/Caregiver Survey:

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