For the past three years, Cedars high school students have ventured into the community to serve in some fashion four times per year. Service days facilitate students working alongside remarkable non-profit organizations in Prince George, helping our neighbours, and cleaning debris from our roadways. Service is one of the core values of Cedars Christian School, and a key part of our followership of Jesus Christ.

Now we are faced with a pandemic. Yet, we can do something. Please join us to show that this challenge will not stand in the way of our commitment to serve in the spirit of Christ.

Despite the Covid-19 crisis, we are preparing for our last Service Day of the school year. Given that students are completing their schooling from home, and there are guidelines about how to behave in a community setting, we will respect these parameters – putting our best foot forward, delving into our assignments, and adhering to social distancing and other practices that keep us and others safe. With some modifications to our work, we can still serve outdoors by cleaning roadways, engaging in yard work at senior homes, and cleaning and raking the Cedars Christian School trail at the Hospice House.

Event Details:
Date: Friday, June 5
Time: 9 AM – 12 PM
Who: High school students and/or families with at least one HS student

If you are interested in joining as a family, or if you are a high school student willing to take part on June 5, please reach out to Dave Rowland directly by email at: