Email Communiqué to Cedars Community

FAQ on Continuity of Learning – Ministry of Education Update

The Ministry of Education, the Society of Christian Schools of BC, and our leadership team have been working hard over the past week on continuity of learning plans. Yesterday, the Ministry released a FAQ document on their Safe & Healthy Schools website that provides some answers to questions you or your child may have regarding their educational program. We encourage you to take some time reading through these questions. One of the things you will see immediately, is that much autonomy is given to local public school districts and independent school authorities in the implementation of their “continuity of learning” plan. The Ministry will be releasing an overall framework to schools tomorrow, but we have been meeting throughout the spring break with our leadership team to develop a local, Cedars-specific plan for learning. This will be a key focus for our educational staff next week. We will be in touch with individual families and sharing more information regarding our Cedars Continuity of Learning Plan toward the end of next week.

We want each family to know that we continue to be committed to our partnership in educating and equipping and discipling of your children through this challenging situation. Please note that we are aware that workplace closures and loss of employment has significantly impacted many of our families. We are working on some information regarding tuition this week and will have information to share with you soon. Thank you for your patience as we, too, sort through the impact of this COVID-19 situation on our school. Even as we grieve and mourn the loss of much that we have held dear in our face-to-face work with each of you, we continue to hold onto faith, hope, and love. May the Lord give you peace.