With the start of each new year, the school needs information and/or updates from families on many subjects. We have made it as easy as possible to get the information to us by housing all our forms on our secure website.

The following is a categorized list of the different things we’ll need to get on file. Please read through carefully to catch everything you’ll need to submit.

For All Families

Privacy Matters – “Release of Information” Form

This online form must be filled out each year for every family in the school so that we know your desires regarding privacy issues. It includes:

  • whether or not you want to be included in the printed Community Directory
  • media, newsletter, and online privacy desires.

This form is due on Monday, September 9, at 4:00pm. This year, we’re adding a fun twist – every family who gets this form filled in by the deadline will get their name entered to win a Cedars hoodie for one of their family members! The winner will be announced in next week’s Shake!


Volunteer Forms

You will find links to all the volunteer forms mentioned below at https://cedars.bc.ca/volunteering-at-cedars/

Criminal Record Checks

Every volunteer at Cedars needs to have a Criminal Record Check on file. These are good for 5 years. If you aren’t sure whether you still have a current one, feel free to call the office or send us an email: 250-564-0707, office@cedars.bc.ca If you have never done one for Cedars Christian School, see the link above for details.

Volunteer Drivers

As well as the Criminal Record Check, we need three more things from our drivers:

  1. copy of your current vehicle insurance (expires when your insurance expires)
  2. Volunteer Driver Information Form (each fall)
  3. Driver’s Abstract (each fall)

Have You Moved over the Summer?

If you have moved since June, please fill in and return a new Legal Residency Form, available for download on our Forms Page.

High School Forms

Each high school student (and/or their parent(s)) needs to submit the following forms yearly. These are due by Monday, September 9, at the end of the day.

  1. Off-Grounds Permissions Form
  2. High School Commitment Form