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Grad Fundraiser

Leave Me Alone! Grad 2022 Fundraiser

How do you raise money safely when gathering in person is so limited? Go online, of course! The 2022 Grad Committee has started this “Leave me Alone” Campaign in the hopes of making you laugh – we mean spitting your coffee out of your mouth, rolling on the floor, and straining your stomach muscles kind of laugh – all while raising $10,000 towards grad celebrations.


    1. Click on the box below that gets you giggling the hardest. There are some pre-determined donation options as well as a few “name-a-price” options.
    2. On the payment page you are taken to, please specify Grad Donation under “Additional Information”. (Hint – copy those bold words before you click your choice and paste into the field on the next page! 😉 )
    3. Note that donations of $25 or more are eligible for charitable receipts.

Share this link with your community for a good laugh and to help support the Campaign!

Pick an Option:


I am a relative who lives far away and would love to support the Grad Class of 2022.


I don’t want to hit up businesses for donations for a silent auction. Here is the money I would have spent on gas, baskets, cellophane, gift cards and ribbon.


I only run if something is chasing me. Here is my money to avoid participating in anything with the suffix “thon” behind it.


I do not want to bake anything, therefore, here is the money that I would have spent on making brownies.


I am broke because I send my kids to private school.


I am on a diet, therefore, purchasing Purdy’s, Krispy Crème Donuts, or any other sweets would ruin my attempts to look like a younger version of myself. Please accept my donation instead.


Thank you for not asking me to hit up my co-workers, neighbors, family and other friends. Here’s my donation.


I am making this donation in appreciation for not having to buy, sell or generally do anything other than fill out this donation form


We are lazy and we wouldn’t have sold anything anyways. Here is our donation to Leave Us Alone!


Here is my donation. Thanks for understanding I am a busy person who appreciates laying low while still supporting a good cause.


I love this school and am happy to support the grad class of 2022. Please accept my donation.

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