As you may recall, we were poised to launch a 1:1 Chromebook initiative with our Grade 4-7 students this Fall. Many of you have already paid your annual $50 technology fee payment. Thanks! In early September, we were informed by our supplier that US sanctions against Lenovo manufacturers in China would result in an October delivery of units from a US-based Lenovo plant. In October, we were informed that this shipment would be delayed until November; and, last week we were informed that they would be further delayed until the end of December or early January. Frustrating!

Last week, we cancelled our order with Lenovo, and were able to secure 80 HP Chromebooks that will be delivered next week. In the absence of these new Chromebooks, we have been able to maintain 1:1 technology access for our grade 6 and 7 classes, and beefed up our supply of elementary laptops in the library with some existing older machines. Not ideal, but a stop-gap measure while we have been waiting for our Chromebook shipment.

Thanks for your patience. We will get these machines into the hands of our Intermediate students as soon as we are able!