We would like to welcome Chantell Lodge to our Cedars community as an Indigenous Studies Intern. As part of her program of studies, she will be working with Heather Fisher, Jamie Erbacher, and Andrea Posada to further the schools’ integration of Indigenous worldview and ways of knowing. We look forward to working with Chantell and having her at our school.

Here is a brief introduction from Chantell:

As of September 2019, I was fully immersed in the First Nation Studies Program at UNBC. Since then, I have learned with and from many Indigenous and some non-Indigenous scholars in topics like Metis Studies, First Nations Religion and Philosophy, Images of the “Indian” in Film, and First Nations Health and Healing, to name a few. I’ve come across a few Indigenous views in academia and from the world that aren’t of God, but by His Grace, and through discernment, I have found a path that makes space for both Indigenous and Christian ways of being.

From January to June 2022, I am doing an Internship here at Cedars Christian School that focuses on finding authentic ways to include and/or integrate Indigenous worldview into parts of the curriculum. Together with Andrea Posada, Jamie Erbacher and Heather Fisher, I will be bringing my knowledge of Indigenous worldviews and my spiritual and personal experiences as an Indigenous person to a collaborative process of designing learning activities, curating K-12 resources, and creating professional development materials.