One of the things we went over in the interview process was the importance of parent participation at the school. But, you may be wondering, how do we know what to do, when to do it, or where to find this information? Read on to find out everything you ever needed to know about volunteering at Cedars.

25 Hours per Family per Year

We ask each family to donate 25 hours of time to the school every year. Hours can be logged in the Main Office in a volunteer book. Any family member who volunteers can count their hours. Eg. If three of you come to spend an hour doing something, your family would have three hours completed.

Ways to Find Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteer Survey – help us to know where you would like to volunteer and how to get ahold of you by submitting this survey: Survey Link
  • Volunteer Coordinator – after you fill out the above survey, our Volunteer Coordinator will be able to contact you with opportunities suited to you.
  • Classroom Teachers – teachers are always happy to have help in the classrooms as needed. They will often alert their class’ parents via email to opportunities of this type.
  • The Cedars Shake and Website – we list some opportunities in the weekly e-newsletter and will also post them on the Volunteer page on our website
  • Parent Auxiliary Council – any time served with the Cedars PAC counts as volunteer hours. More on the PAC below.

What We Need From You

For Everyone

Anyone who volunteers with Cedars students will need to have a Criminal Record Check completed. This document is kept on file here for 5 years, after which time it will need to be re-done.
All criminal record checks are done online. Simply copy the access code below, visit the link listed, and paste the access code in when directed.

Access Code: 7SBRH2HC8Y
Online Link:

This information is also always on our /volunteering-at-cedars page and our /forms page.

For Drivers

If you think you will be driving for field trips at all during the year, it is best to get all the paperwork done at the beginning of the school year! We need the following three things from you (along with the criminal record check):
Volunteer Driver Information Form (found on our Forms Page): good for 1 year

Copy of current vehicle insurance (we will copy it in the office for you): good until expiry date of insurance

Driver’s Abstract (driving record) – Visit the ICBC website to send us a copy of your driving record: good for 1 year

We will remind you at the beginning of each year that these things need to be done. Teachers will also check that you have all the needed paperwork on file before field trips that you may be volunteering with. And you can always call or email the office if you have any questions!

Parent Auxiliary Council

The purpose of the Parent Auxiliary Committee (PAC) of Cedars Christian School is to strengthen the bonds of Christian fellowship within the school community.

Why Join PAC?

  • Great way to meet and to get connected with other parents
  • Use your unique gifts to serve the school community
  • Bless staff, students and other community members in various ways
  • Earn volunteer hours

Some ways PAC serves the school:

  • Coffee and Muffin Social on the first day of school
  • Hot Lunch Program (twice a month, most months)
  • Children’s Carnival in the fall
  • Sports Day Concession in June
  • Christmas breakfast for High school students
  • Coordinate goodies for various staff meetings and other school events throughout the school year
  • Gift Scholarships to High School Grads
  • Provide financial assistance for extra-curricular activities

For more information please contact: Annette Staves, PAC Chair (

In Conclusion

There are so many ways to volunteer! Your participation helps to build a strong community and a strong school. And it’s a great example to all of our students when parents are involved!

We’ll see you in a couple of days to talk about daily life at Cedars.