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Hiring Announcements!

We are pleased to announce that we have filled a number of important positions for the 2024/25 school year with some great people!

Mrs. Heather Boyko (former Cedars teacher and Mrs. Ray’s sister!) will be teaming up with Mrs. Rene Ammundsen to teach our Grade 3 class next year. Rene will be using the balance of her time to serve as Educational Support Services Coordinator for our elementary school while Mrs. Amy Van Delft is on maternity leave.

And, we have hired Mrs. Lori Slater to teach Primary PE classes, provide prep coverage across our elementary school, and serve as Athletics Coordinator for our K-7 program. Lori has served on our on-call list over the past number of years, but has over a decade of experience as a PE teacher and Athletic Director at another BC independent school. Lori and Steve will share the AD role for our growing athletics program!

Still looking for a Traffic Coordinator and a few EAs (check out our Careers Page for details), but grateful to God for His faithful provision of our staffing needs!