Growing Together

A vision for Christian education in Prince George brought families together in 1977. This vision continues to draw families to Cedars Christian School today.

This vision is still growing – and so are we! Join us in this exciting adventure as God leads to grow our facilities in the coming year.

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Our Story . . .

Cedars Christian School opened its doors to 78 students in 1977 after a decade of prayer and sacrificial giving by a group of families who came together with a vision to establish a Christian education option for families with school-aged children in Prince George. The initial school structure, purchased from the school district, contained only a few classrooms and had no gymnasium.

. . . His Story

Over the last 5 years, targeted giving and Roots for Life fundraising capital have been invested in major restorative work in our current facility, including: library renovation, intermediate and high school washroom renovations, indoor/outdoor painting, outdoor loop and parking lot surface improvements, and a gym floor replacement. We are continually grateful for the gift of this place. As stewards of this gift, we work with 350+ PreK-12 students each year, and have sent nearly 600 graduates into all corners of the world in a wide variety of vocations. God’s faithfulness over the last 40+ years has made it clear that this is not just our story… it is His story!

New Spaces

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Architect’s Rendering

October 1, 2020

*Floor plan marked out to demonstrate proof of concept.

Key Priorities

1. Gymnasium

A college-sized, high school gymnasium not only relieves pressure on our current gym space, it will provide opportunities for onsite practices for senior teams, local hosting of games and tournaments, and the use of our location for non-athletic events such as fine arts performances and conferences. This new space will make Cedars a significant resource to the community as an event center.

2. New Learning Spaces

The steel structure envelop provides tremendous flexibility to create spaces that meet school-based and 21st century learning needs. The two floor section will feature a large fine arts space for high school gatherings, worship arts, band and drama performances. It will also provide 3-4 general classrooms for expanding our high school program and a large foyer and concession for hosting events.

Growing Together Milestones

Sept 2020

Sept 2020 – Steel frame structure and insulated cladding completed

May 2020
  • Building Permit Issued!
  • Work on the foundation begins…
February 2020

Three significant answers to prayer this month!

  • The awarding of construction management to Formula Contractors Ltd. (Paul Tiefensee – CEO)
  • The submission of completed drawing at the City for building permit (estimate of 3-4 weeks for issuance)
  • Written confirmation of BMO loan to cover the project
January 2020
  • Received over 120,000 in donations from Sept to Dec 2019
  • Key planning discussion took place to review the design details for the fine arts and gym space
  • Additional Dessert Night planned for Alumni students and families
  • Met with all staff to review design details and discuss the possible use of the space
November 2019
  • Gravel and compaction completed at a fraction of retail costs due to an outpouring of gift-in-kind support from our community!
  • Proposal to purchase of Preston Road section in front of new building site passed by City Council.
  • Over 75 people attended our Capital Campaign Dessert Nights hear updates about the expansion project and have an opportunity to give or pledge toward our $2 million capital campaign goal.
October 2019
Excavation of building site, development of road access through brewery driveway for gravel trucks, gravel deliveries

See our video updates: 1) What’s Going On Now?, 2) What’s Been the Most Encouraging?, and 3) How Can We Be Praying?

August 2019

Riparian permit granted; gravel permit/access granted

June 2019

Dedication of the new building expansion site at year-end closing BBQ

April 2019

Capital Campaign promotional videos released; forested area on property cleared; high school gymnasium bleachers (600 person seating) purchased and put in storage

March 2019

Capital Campaign branding (“Growing Together”) unveiled; brochure and website release

February 2019

Pre-design work begins with Kraun, JCI, and L&M groups

January 2019

Letters of Inquiry delivered to potential donors

September 2018

New 3-year Strategic Plan unveiled with significant facility expansion goals

December 2018

Society votes to approve moving forward with new building expansion project

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Our Core Values

Christian Education

The primary goal of Christian education is the formation of a “peculiar people” who believe that Jesus Christ is Lord of all of life — not just the religious or sacred corners of it. In close partnership with parents and the local church, we integrate Biblical, Christian perspective across the curriculum and engage students in authentic conversations about who God is and who He has called them to be.

Developing Unique Potential

We believe that each student is created in the image of God, and is shaped uniquely for restorative work in the Kingdom of God. Noticing, naming and nurturing the unique gifts of our students allow the diversity in the body of Christ that leads to flourishing, Christian community. Curricular and extracurricular learning experiences provide rich opportunities to use and celebrate gifts stewarded well.


Following the example of Jesus, we seek to meet the real needs of our neighbors in our local community and beyond. We let our light shine so that others may see our works of service and glorify our Father in heaven (Matt 5:16). Serving one another in love, is the fulfillment of the greatest commandment and the pathway to experiencing life in all its fullness.

Community of Grace

Cedars creates space for students, parents, and staff to learn to live in a Christian community of grace. With hearts full of gratitude for the grace bestowed upon us, we seek to have God’s grace flow through us toward one another by showing mercy, offering forgiveness, and sharing the gospel of peace.

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Cedars opens its doors!


Gym and new classrooms added


Classrooms, offices, library added


High School addition built


Land bought; 4 cabins built; gravel parking lot constructed


Gateway students join us; one more cabin & play area constructed


Roots for Life campaign raises $600K


Enrollment at 400+; new governance structure and mission statement implemented


New playground constructed


Two more cabins added

How Can I Help Cedars Grow?


The most important thing we can do to grow together is pray.

“Have you ever said, ‘Well all we can do now is pray?’…When we come to the end of ourselves, we come to the beginning of God.”
– Billy Graham


It might be obvious, but one of the biggest things families can do is keep their kids here to graduation! Stay. Let us commit to grow together for the long haul—investing in relationships that will last for a lifetime and beyond!


Although financial gifts are needed, donations of materials and services “in kind” will be significant in reducing the amount we need to borrow to complete this project. And, if you have skills and time you are willing to share, we’d love to connect your gift with our real needs!


We are excited about what God has done and continues to do in our midst! We encourage you to share the story of God’s faithfulness and work at Cedars with those in your circles. Stay tuned to weekly Shake updates, attend monthly town hall meetings…and share how we are growing together at Cedars!

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

If you would like more information or want to be involved with this project, please contact us by one of the methods below.

600 Preston Road, Prince George, BC V2K 1A8

Call Us: (250) 564-0707