As mentioned earlier this week, we are activating our first tangible steps toward our building expansion!
This week, we leveled some snow and soil on the forested section and removed the fence between the field and the forested section of our property to allow movement of machinery and the falling of trees. On Friday, pending permitting, machines will be at work knocking down and processing trees to make space for the relocation of our playing field. As many of you know, the proposed building envelope will be constructed on the existing field. The clearing of land to the east of the building site is the first step toward freeing up this space for foundation development.
Please note that the gravel parking lot will be closed following our morning drop off on Friday to create safe space for tree removal.
In the first of several community work bees related to our building expansion, we have a number of immediate needs for this Saturday, April 13th.
We still need your help!
Please take some time to consider what you may be able to do and/or provide. All volunteers are to contact Dave Rowland at by email at to sign up.
Saturday – 9am-12:30pm
  • 4 chainsaw gurus. Must be competent on the saw and have own saw and all safety gear. For de-limbing and bucking felled and skidded trees.
  • 4 labourers. Must have work gloves and steel toes. High-vis vests provided. For stacking firewood and piling branches.
  • First Aid Attendant – Level 1 with travel endorsement
  • 12 hard hats
Saturday – 12-3:30pm
  • Similar personnel as mentioned for early shift. And…
  • 1 lead hand to direct flow of volunteers. Foremanning experience needed.
  • 1 large commercial wood chipper / truck / operator

Note:  We may have a small amount of firewood (mixed species) available near the end of the day. Anyone wanting firewood can come by to check it out and fill up their own trailer and/or truck.

Thanks to generous offers from our community, the following needs have been met!
  • Coffee for workers provided by parents at 10:30am
  • Catered lunch by Play Grounds Cafe
  • High school student(s) to watch younger children on the playground
  • Four chainsaw gurus
  • Parent help for Ian to take down chain link fence

We would also like to recognize the following people and companies for partnering with us in this endeavor:

  • Andrew Forbes (use of lowbed trailer for machine transport)
  • Bob Redden, EDI (advice and work on environmental assessments and land development)