With close to 380 students this year, we will have significant traffic on site at the start and end of the day. Please review the following reminders to keep our traffic flowing safely and efficiently!

General Reminders

  • 20 km/hr MAX on school property. Take it slow. Get here early. Life is more precious than being on time!
  • All foot traffic to and from gravel lot must go through the pilon passageway under direction from our traffic coordinator, Marlie McCabe.
  • Please hold the hands of small children when navigating the parking lot so they do not dart into harm’s way.

Morning Drop-off

  • Keep the “short loop” open so those with older children (Grade 4+) can drop off at south playground gate on their way out of the gravel lot. Keep this short loop open for through traffic!

Afternoon Pick-up

  • All vehicles must use “long loop”. Please be patient. Allow others to back out and join the cue. We will restrict entry into the gravel lot when it is full. Additional vehicles will be permitted when parking spots are available.

We have a handy visual of our “loop” and traffic flow below.

Click to open larger image